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The world needs this to happen more!

The world needs this to happen more!




The all-purpose outfit

Why buy anything to wear?

Being naked is ideal for most activities: Walking, swimming, working out, gardening and lawn care, cleaning, cooking, eating, sleeping, bathing, working at home or the office, and more! Why spend money to buy suitable outfits to do these things when nude has it “all covered”?

Keep calm, realize how free you are by taking-on the courage to  be exactly who you are. Unrestricted. Free.

🌞 Life is 100% better when you live it without clothes 🌞 Share the nude passion, share the archives –

If open nudity were suddenly permitted, this might actually be a significant impact on many nations’ economies. It is not only the production of clothes we must consider, but the entire clothing industry beginning with raw materials like cotton, then farming jobs, transportation of goods to the factories, sewing, machine maintenance, packaging of goods, more transportation, distribution and even retailing. Of course adoption of wider clothing-optionality might not happen overnight and there is likely to be resistance, objection, harassment, even protests and a need for police assistance, because ultimately even the “Freedom to be nude” is not free! There would be costs as well as savings, and the impacts would take years of mental adjustment and social recalibration; so this may sound like a fantasy reality or it may even only exist as fantasy, but we ARE CAPABLE of imagining all sides of the issue!

That is important also! To express appreciation for the “balance” maintained in society now, and understand the “full scope” of what we as nudists imagine is possible! Might nations even go to war over an issue like this one? Of course not if it is only on beaches and a few parks, but if nudity were agreed to be allowed almost anywhere, such as courtrooms, churches, schools and hospitals, the “scale” of such a change COULD BE highly disruptive. We would have demand for new products at the same time, such as signage, seat wipes, hand wipes, towels and certainly observation cameras with recording to monitor peoples’ interactions, then the court cases would increase, but I believe it is still possible to assert ADVANTAGES could be gained.

skolboi99: Relaxing with some friends Some m…


Relaxing with some friends

Some may have tried social nudity while in college, others hope to try it everywhere!

nudeflikker: feel free…be nude We may be at …


feel free…be nude

We may be at the 4th annual WNBR event in some places or the 6th, 7th yearly occurrence, but what will the world “think” or “be” when it is the 20th or 30th anniversary for these cities? How is the growth of the WNBR events altering perceptions of public nudity? How many people view it intentionally, versus accidentally? What of the youngest spectators along the routes or in nearby buildings with decent vantage points? I believe the more instances of peaceful civil disruption the world experiences, the better it WILL become!! … WNBR events are far better than throwing rocks, bottles and breaking things! Seeing people beaten and bloodied in the streets sends a much less desirable message than seeing simply naked bodies! … What is being achieved is a significant presence or force to be recognized, not banned or ignored, but rather modern humans putting their bodies where their voices once were barely noticed! … It is a form of Social Revolution most definitely, and imaging the parent BOLD enough to include teenage family members and make THIS an annual event! “Oh sure, we did that together as a family when I was 16 [17, 18, 19, 20…] and so forth. Then I joined (or formed) a WNBR group at college in ‘N’ city!” might be the statements made one day! … Might this be the reincarnation of America’s Woodstock, or the next closest socially relevant equivalent? ~ Amazing.

Centauri4: “The truth of who we are is s…

Centauri4: “The truth of who we are is so simple.”

therealkatiewest: Faye Daniels, Katie West, a…


Faye Daniels, Katie West, and Kate Sweeney by Chip Willis

A really happy looking scene! Wondering what might have been said moments before the shutter clicked should be as interesting as the subjects themselves! ~ The experience is the underlying foundation of Naturism and Nudism, not what we don’t wear, but what HAPPENS while we aren’t wearing it! ~ This is like saying “life” is not simply being alive, but the quality of experiences had while being it!

marionpp: “… nimm doch die Beine zusammen; so…


“… nimm doch die Beine zusammen; so zu sitzen schickt sich nicht für eine Frau …” – “ … für einen Mann auch nicht …”

Jede Person hat ein natürliches Recht, sich entsprechend ihren eigenen informierten Werten zu verhalten. Jede Person sollte mit gutem Beispiel vorangehen und bequem, selbstbewusst und von gutem Charakter sein.



Okay, I want to write something about “healthy nudity” versus “sexual nudity” and this simple photograph seems to be a good example of the idea in my head. What are our shared Nudist “Life Goals”? We want our families to learn from us, inherit our social values, avoid the most basic “mistakes” in life AND above all, be happy! Live long and be happy!

I hope everyone seeing this post is having “luck” with those things, are having the “important discussions” when those seemed warranted and didn’t miss any cues! ~ If you have children and successfully had “The Talk” about sexuality with them, please consider re-tumbling THIS POST and adding a story of success to it! ~ I don’t think anyone has asked for this before now and it can be a hugely “sensitive” subject, I get that. I feel the hesitation as you read this, but maybe I am sensing the wrong feeling!

As nudists, if we want the next generation to love bodies, respect bodies, do nude yoga, practice nude karate, appreciate nudist artwork – or artwork with simple nudity in it, then we must “hand over the keys” to our BEST thinking! We must teach others with training wheels on, get them comfortable and then turn them loose! To tumbl, vlog, write, film, organize others and “Carry the torch” all the way up the steps of The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) if necessary. To secure the right to be nude, live nude, lead as nudists and redefine how society (Western society, mainly) regards and respects nudity. ~ People can be sexual, but sexual is like an animal running free in the wild, while structured or principled nudism has equal amounts of freedom and restraint – I believe.

Please tell of your successes! 3 paragraphs is all it takes (Set-up, Main point, and Lesson learned and/or conveyed), this is how easy it can be, 3 simple paragraphs to change A life, or maybe many!

naturista-nudista-exibicionista: Adam & E…


Adam & Eva

Having watched the entire episode, even with a language disadvantage, I was able to understand nearly all of the interactions and decision making points, so this is as good as America’s “Dating Naked” (possibly better!). 45+ minutes, censorship free (which is not the same as uncensored in America).