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Where? How? ~ Ever again?

Where? How? ~ Ever again?

I am guessing 70 or 80 percent of people willi…

I am guessing 70 or 80 percent of people willing to go nude in public, in a World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) or other event have average, normal bodies or even a little extra “fluff” they need NOT worry about showing!

Boldly into the future, go! ~ Nobody owns you!

nudistbrunch: Save the date! This place intr…


Save the date!

This place introduced me to the reality of nudism. Roughly 30 years ago, I called and asked to be added to the list for “Single males” to have a day visit. This was at a time when #WhitetailResort was #WhitetailPark and it had a third of the amenities or facilities it does today. I know because after my first weekend of meeting people, exploring the nature trail, relaxing by the pool and helping put up a chain link fence around the old in-ground pool on the spot where the WTR front office is now, I have returned many, many times!

I was single then, and yet the reception received could not have been warmer or more congenial! Me in my tiny car, pulling in and parking across from the (then) office trailer and seeing the olde, silver-haired grandmotherly type lady walking up the steps and into the trailer just as I exited my car. This was it! This was the moment I read about in nudist themed softcover books (like “Fun in the Sun”) and I made the call, got on the list, was called back a short time (weeks) later and then made the drive; I was not “uncertain” about this visit, only unfamiliar with the act! The actions I was about to do. I knew what was expected of me, I knew what I would see, but there was still a uncertainty of meeting other’s expectations of me!

Maybe it is similar to playing music in front of an audience the first time? You feel ready, you practiced (in front of a mirror or home studio space), and of course you read things about nudists and nudism, all of which were positive and easily imagined, yet for me this act was breaking out of my young “shell”. I had graduated High School, but that’s it. I had not served in the military yet, had been in love just once, had had several jobs and enjoyed those, but this was ABOUT TO BE totally different!

In the space of the next 20 minutes, I watched “Welcome to Our World” (the de facto nudism introductory video), signed the guestbook, provided additional information about myself (I recall most of the identity stuff being sent ahead of time) and then told where to properly park my car. That part was a breeze, and there was a moment before driving in through the gate where I almost turned around, but here was the,… Final moment of self-actualizing truth: “You can just leave your clothes in the car” my silver-haired guide said. {gulp!} And then I did it!! T-shirt, gone. Summer shorts, gone. Underwear,. ,. ,. gone! Hello buck naked reality! I recall folding my clothing a little and leaving my keys in the car, unlocked, because well, when you are nude, where are you going to put them, right? And also, the nudist park atmosphere I expected was one of safety, trust, and all people known to the staff because each was carefully screened, pre-qualified, as I had been either weeks ago or minutes earlier; so nobody was unworthy of being here. It was then, is now, and hopefully will always remain a very special place with the greatest freedom of all those I have experienced! My guide showed me around, introduced a few regulars doing very ordinary things like reading a book in the clubhouse, and then she turned me loose to enjoy everything. Which of course, I did!

If you go to the Banana Rum Cup as a result of reading this tumblr post, please tell the office staff Centauri4 sent you. They may not know that nickname, but maybe mentioning it will make them laugh IF enough guests say it.

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The Future

“We still have enough differences between us that we would be challenged to accept each other even with half the population deciding to live nude. There would be even MORE challenges initially.” ~ Centauri4, Thinking on how a Pro-nudity World Would Actually Operate

An event allowing nudity by participants does …

An event allowing nudity by participants does not make it a “Nudist event” but rather a baby steps opportunity towards a greater acceptance of nudity, whether co-ed or not, and the body confidence building aspect of these things must be helpful! Please, never, ever come away from any clothing-optional event feeling worse about yourself, and if a tendency towards negativity develops during or after an event, please have a discrete chat with the organizer. Any negative reinforcement would be counter-productive for sure!

Learning to enjoy life without [fill in the bl…

Learning to enjoy life without [fill in the blank] in simplicity, with honest appreciation for all our bodies are capable of feeling, experiencing and “meaning” (my words) whether to ourselves or each other; simple nudity is not exploitative. Simple nudity is love, or rather, presenting ourselves naked is a unsophisticated request to be loved as we really appear! .. Tall, short, thin, or with a bit extra, dark skinned, pale, freckled, and in every other dimension or description. We are imperfect beings seeking others capable of loving imperfection.

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Moms out for a walk.

Fundamental living “unleashed”, unburdened, set free! Living as though all sensory input was important to a fulfilled, joyful state of existence because that actually matters! I hope the ladies pictured in this photograph search out the image and find my tumblr agreeable.

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Nudist events at the beach.

☮ Peace, love, and nudity!

Great picture for fighting off the deep cold of America’s winter!

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Favorite posts of 2017

☮ Peace, love, and nudity!


Our challenge is not simply recognizing the beauty in ourselves today, or the feeling of being ‘Awesome’ (sensual, sometimes sexy) creatures, but in knowing that feeling can last our entire lives! ~ When does it begin? Isn’t every life amazing? Can the journey through life embrace this at every moment after we become self-aware?

Centauri4, #NakedPhilosophy on tumblr