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“ARE WE SHAMING EACH OTHER INTO WEARING CLOTHES?” This is literally THE question for a Friday afternoon, and when I thought of it moments ago, it was because we have every other type of “[blank]” shaming. Therefore, if social pressure compels people to wear clothing even in times they _might_ rather not, then this is a form of shaming, is it not? … And it starts early in our lives too! Shay-ming. It is group think of the highest order, but we no people can do the opposite because each year at Burning Man, they enable different social customs and many thousands of people do go nude!



Abby this morning

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#Perversion may be the tricky challenge because you can’t always see it, like nudity. Since the majority of “it” happens within the mind, but if our talk & actions promote more healthy sexuality, allowing inspirations [energy, horniness] to be burned off, maybe deviance will shink of its own accord!

Centauri4, October 2018

Your naturist is most likely to be like this o…

Your naturist is most likely to be like this one. That simple.

Mom and dad only took one bag each on holiday!…

Mom and dad only took one bag each on holiday! Huh, guess they will buy what they may need while they are having a relaxing time!

just  PERFECT ♂ BEAUTY Could be a family va…



Could be a family vacation photograph with wife, son and daughter, I am thinking! How great would that be?!?

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summer 18

The world needs more relaxed, casual and candid nudity like this featuring guys – simply chilling and… happy! …. AND, parents can do a world of good by desensitizing all children on the “sensationalism” or the thrill of nudity (unexpected, exciting, tantalizing, “mysterious” nudity, and later “erotic” nudity) because it now seems desperately apparent if we don’t EDUCATE and normalize the feelings of pleasure, they will go on to make mistakes WITH it, about it, or in pursuit of pleasurable experiences. This is your parental obligation and keeping in mind we all had mistakes, awkward fumbling, groping, and ineptness in adolescence and as young adults – fortunately not at the criminal level for most of us; I hope! This is an important concept, sanctifying, normalizing or familiarizing nudity so that WE END these claims of harassment, assault and hurtful behaviors claimed to be “life altering” and so damaging. I don’t claim to fully understand inept behavior being so bad, but nothing I have ever done was forced or unwanted by a partner – this also is a very important concept.



Social nudity is NOT about paying more attention to specific body parts, it is quite literally about paying LESS attention to these things!

SO HERE IS THE DEAL, if your tumblr account features more than 10% or 20% of posed photographs with women spreading their legs towards the camera, or men with erect penises, please do not Follow “Naturism as a Way of Living”. The effort of this tumblr has been to mainly DISCUSS or DEMONSTRATE the practice of discarding clothing, setting aside social disguises, removing outfits and being nice and considerate to the people who do this too! – – Very simple.

The series of photographs shown above essentially demonstrates “simple nudity” being enjoyed by the individuals pictured. None of them are physically aroused in obvious ways or behaving in a blatantly sexual manner, really, NUDITY can be exciting, it can be fun, anyone can enjoy it privately or openly where permitted – all by themselves or with friends, and promoting that SIMPLE FACT is the goal. Nudism is not about getting any pleasure that only last 5 or 30 minutes, it is about feeling GREAT all morning, all afternoon, all DAY, all weekend or… FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE while being nude! We will still do intimate things in private, we still try to protect each others enjoyment of this simple pleasure, and we DO NOT encourage anyone to explore any sort of physicality until they are ready and comfortable doing so.

Okay, this is my philosophical “rant” for the day, I hope you understand.



Diversity. Freedom. Sanity. Fun!

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Pegeha gefällt das Bild

☮ Peace, love, and nudity!

Wherever we are, whatever we do, the attitude and approach to situations needs to be the same whether we are clothed or not! Here is why: If we treat ourselves more gently while nude by watching where we sit (on towels), applying sunscreen (to prevent melanoma/skin cancer), watching out for sharp edges (glass, thorns, etc.) and MOST IMPORTANTLY watching our children and how they are treated, these are all things we should do all the time regardless of clothing! Yes, even the towels because, well, who doesn’t love towels – and what better way to send a “secret” or subtle to others of our true clothing-free passion! (i.e. hmm, ’D is sitting on a towel, I wonder why that is?’ and if someone asks, we can casually say, because I usually sit on a towel “most of the time anyway, while nude” and the ‘ice’ is broken, the subject open, the olive branch extended).