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naturally-free: Having the freedom to be nude…


Having the freedom to be nude  always will brighten your day! After
 shedding clothes faces will squished  unstopable into a smile,
reaching from mouth to the corners of the eyes.

…come on, get hooked for a darn freeing fun! Wolf

❤️  your nature, 👣 experience freedom!  🌞 –



therealkatiewest: Faye Daniels, Katie West, a…


Faye Daniels, Katie West, and Kate Sweeney by Chip Willis

A really happy looking scene! Wondering what might have been said moments before the shutter clicked should be as interesting as the subjects themselves! ~ The experience is the underlying foundation of Naturism and Nudism, not what we don’t wear, but what HAPPENS while we aren’t wearing it! ~ This is like saying “life” is not simply being alive, but the quality of experiences had while being it!

marionpp: “… nimm doch die Beine zusammen; so…


“… nimm doch die Beine zusammen; so zu sitzen schickt sich nicht für eine Frau …” – “ … für einen Mann auch nicht …”

Jede Person hat ein natürliches Recht, sich entsprechend ihren eigenen informierten Werten zu verhalten. Jede Person sollte mit gutem Beispiel vorangehen und bequem, selbstbewusst und von gutem Charakter sein.

naturista-nudista-exibicionista: Adam & E…


Adam & Eva

Having watched the entire episode, even with a language disadvantage, I was able to understand nearly all of the interactions and decision making points, so this is as good as America’s “Dating Naked” (possibly better!). 45+ minutes, censorship free (which is not the same as uncensored in America).

Around the world, limited numbers of passionat…

Around the world, limited numbers of passionately dedicated individuals are doing things differently, wearing nothing… and revealing all of themselves! We are making a commitment to humanity, demonstrating in the most non-aggressive way imaginable a desire to fully enjoy all it means to be human! ~ Soft, vulnerable, and capable of both “hardness” (muscle) and “softness” (hugs, handshakes, kisses), freely offered and with a choice for these to be freely accepted.

This is a step in social evolution of some kind, a small one perhaps, and maybe the sort of thing people might not recognize as “significant”, and yet there is a powerful, full body attraction to engage with it. Our minds are “pulled” away from structure and restrictions, towards love, tenderness and sensuality almost as if it were irresistible drug (stronger than opioids). We have managed this appeal for decades through associations, newsletters, bulletins and gatherings where any of similar interest were invited to join, attend and participate whole-heartedly; to further align and refine our collective efforts.

It is this small message, filled with hope and heart, over-flowing with optimism, that can live beyond us (beyond the current generation) if we repeat it – hold it up – and reach more minds than ever before in all of history! This is not simply a matter of “Nudist history” but of human history, an idea transgressing borders, encompassing traditions, enfolding beliefs into the whole and patiently growing!

The next step may be broadening our efforts, talking to 3 people where once we only talked to 1, showing 10 people, where once only 5 saw what we see, and this will require greater levels of bravery than ever, bold determination and I think, twice as much love at every meeting!

Rise of the nudist: Our next generation

Rise of the nudist: Our next generation:

If you attend, please have fun and let them know Centauri4 sent you! This tumblr has an international presence and Following.

Naturism as a Way of Living thinks we should h…

Naturism as a Way of Living thinks we should have Naturist Encounter Centers staffed by experienced naturists and nudists located near population centers, these would be open with resources for aiding people in trying clothing-free living for the first time. Each building needs to have showers, a cafe, a library, a media room and 2 or 3 example “living nude” rooms where different groups of people could network with each other or sit and chat about nothing in particular (events of the day). The libraries should have nudist literature, movies on DVD, historical exhibits and information on how nudists have contributed to society and even led to the establishment of “Naturism” as an offshoot or derivative organization. The current communities of nudist resorts, campgrounds, events and non-landed clubs are great, but there has been very little “scaling” or reproduction of a standardized nudism store (like a department store, convenient store, or other repeatable clothing-free, family oriented business) and once success has been achieved in one location it MUST be copied to other locations in order for growth to happen!

Modern customers appreciate independently creative “Mom & Pop” stores’ style, but true growth occurs by repeatedly copying or “cloning” a successful business model as well. So, if your nudist venue is “great” write down what you love about it and send a letter to one, both, or all of the nudist associations (such as AANR), naturist organizations (TNS, YBN, INF, etc.) and encourage growth!

In 2018, please quote me, “We must reproduce success in order to grow!” and of course I mean this in a fun, community oriented way!

(Maybe) Just when you think life couldn’…

(Maybe) Just when you think life couldn’t be more fun, you discover Naturism or social nudity (such as a World Naked Bike Ride) and you decide to try it! ~ Eureka! Because the only things stopping us from enjoying it are, laws meant to prevent others from taking their behavior too far, or to punish them when they do. Simple nudity should not be a crime amongst everyday folks.


Consider, if you even dream of trying social nudism between the ages of 20 and 30, you only get an opportunity to ‘try’ it once. We may never pass this way again.