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Faye Daniels, Katie West, and Kate Sweeney by Chip Willis

A really happy looking scene! Wondering what might have been said moments before the shutter clicked should be as interesting as the subjects themselves! ~ The experience is the underlying foundation of Naturism and Nudism, not what we don’t wear, but what HAPPENS while we aren’t wearing it! ~ This is like saying “life” is not simply being alive, but the quality of experiences had while being it!

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Pegeha gefällt das Bild

This happened in London. “We still have enough differences between us that we would be challenged to accept each other even with half the population deciding to live nude. There would be even MORE challenges initially.” ~ Centauri4, Thinking on how a Pro-nudity World Would Actually Operate

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Right to sunbathe topless triggers spontaneous protest in Rio beaches — MercoPress

Social nudity is all about context!  Because after you have seen…

Social nudity is all about context!  Because after you have seen dozens, hundreds or thousands of people nude, what they are doing becomes more interesting than what they are not wearing!  I’m serious.

At some point in our collective evolution as a species, when we accept our basic sameness, we can then resume focusing our attention on what we are doing, not what we are wearing while doing it!

This applies to playing, working, entertaining or schooling, maybe everything!!

Another blogger here wrote a rather immature comment about getting to see “titties” and people having their “junk” all over, in your face and (hopefully) not near the schools.  Which is fine, I get their point, but what they are clearly missing is the idea of social nudists becoming the majority of the population one day.  In a body positive world where simple nudity is legal, not only would there be naked people NEAR schools, but there would be naked students IN the schools, along with naked teachers, naked staff members and possibly an occasional nudist Principal.  The idea of a world embracing nudity means nudity becomes “ordinary”, commonplace, understood and literally no big deal!

That is the next step in social evolution!  Body acceptance, an end to Body Shaming, an end to hidden weapons, hidden drugs, and in some cases hidden feelings too!  I suggest we would all know each other better, understand people better and be able to live at a higher level of freedom and joy!  There would be much less sneakiness, secretive glances, surreptitious leering and all those things because we would have openness and true Body Freedom!

Things would be DIFFERENT initially, yes, of course, but.. BUT, what this results in is MORE OPPORTUNITIES to teach something different, learn new courtesies, develop new standards and expectations, and MOVE FORWARD into a new world!

Nudity may be the oldest form of human existence, but we did grow away from it.  We did isolate ourselves from our naked humanity.  We did stop understanding these issues and BEGAN ignoring them centuries ago! … Yet our attraction to being nude never truly faded, our interest in nudity never waned, it just became this “other thing” some people pretend does not exist, OR which belongs only in art galleries or magazines for adults.  Yes, those things are true also, but that subculture developed to “contain” sexy nudity, provocative nudity and erotic nudity – and not all forms of nudity belong in those categories!  We just need to realize it, to understand the existence of “sexy nudity” versus “simple nudity” and reestablish a broad understanding of nudity as a form of FREEDOM.  Nudity equaling humanity.  Nudists as just people minus clothing.

Nakedness as a practical form of existence!

There are people who would mow their lawn while nude (already happening).
Work on cars while nude (already happening).
Garden while nude (already happening).
Running or jogging while nude (already happening).
Practice yoga while nude (already happening).
Creating art while nude (already happening).
Make music while nude (already happening).
Study while nude (already happening).
Video gaming while nude.

All of these ordinary things are happening somewhere with full awareness, knowledge and consent of the people doing them.

It is a naked reality, and I think we just need to see it in writing occasionally to foster understanding of wider, healthier possibilities.

How are your family about casual nudity? Any stories about casual nudity as a normal thing? Non sexual of course. If you haven’t got any, could we see some other peoples stories or photos of it?

My parents had a hard time of dealing with casual nudity at first.  When I first explained that I was a nudist, they thought it was a silly phase I would grow out of.  But over time, and having seen that I had been to a nudist holiday etc they grew used to the idea.  While they themselves do not practice it, my parents are comfortable with me being nude in front of them and at their house.  In fact we even celebrated my birthday there and I spent the day completely nude.  They were just happy that I was happy and being daddy’s little girl (lol) that’s all they wanted for me 🙂

Social Media Impact “Deep Diving”:If few questions…

Social Media Impact “Deep Diving”:

If few questions to inspire further thinking on “social nudity” and how people feel about it now (in general) and might feel about it in the future.  A concluding paragraph gives additional information, but please DO NOT read it before answering the questions.  Thank you.

Questions begin:

How does seeing photographs of people nude on the Internet make you feel?

Do you feel “softer” or “more kind” towards people in general?

Does seeing a single picture of one nude woman create a desire to see more pictures of that specific person?

Does seeing a single picture of one nude man create a desire to see more pictures of that specific man?

Does seeing pictures of naked or nude people create a feeling of relaxation in you?

Does seeing pictures of naked or nude people ever encourage you to get undressed AT THAT MOMENT or to find some place where you can undress SOONER than might otherwise have ordinarily happened? (with respect to the routine activities of a typical day in your life)

If a nude person walked past your home in the middle of the day, what would you do (if anything)?

If a nude person walked past your place of employment in the afternoon, what would you do?

If a fully unclothed person wanted to attend religious worship services wherever you do (with or without a large number of other people also present, and they seemed calm, of pleasant disposition, and well-mannered), would you be IN FAVOR OF or AGAINST that idea?

If an aspiring politician appeared in a print advertisement completely nude, would you read the accompanying text of the advertisement?

If an aspiring politician hosted a nude press conference but did not step from behind the podium while speaking intelligently and eloquently, would you watching the appearance? (keep in mind, for purposes of this question, NO EXPLANATION of why the person is nude is given and they speaking very well on a wide variety of issues and topics)

A future child of yours, who has behaved well for the first six years of their life, asks if they can swim without a bathing suit in the backyard pool from now on (and the yard is private), what is your decision?

Last question:

Your spouse comes into the room and announces they desire to visit a nudist resort for the first time and SERIOUSLY consider a membership in order to visit it frequently, what questions are the most important to ask about this new desire?

* * * More Information / In Conclusion * * *

These questions can be answered by persons with some social nudity experience as well as those with none.  The fundamental concept of them is this:  To inspire introspective consideration of HOW we view simple nudity, the range of individual reactions to nudity, and basic thinking about how life would change if social nudity were legalized and people began appearing nude in public at random times.  Many people would take their “lead” from the response of law enforcement personnel, because they all know what is legal (for purposes of this post), or (take a lead) from neighbors who also come out of their homes to identify the nude person passing by.

It is the hope of Naturism as a Way of Living has created this series of questions thoughtfully and in publishing them, they will travel far and be considered by many.  Thank you!

charlesjaybird:Oh if public nudity were this casual.


Oh if public nudity were this casual.

“CAUTION: I have a post with slightly more explicit and sensual photographs in it this morning.  The…”

CAUTION: I have a post with slightly more explicit and sensual photographs in it this morning.  The post by Diary of a Nudist Mom is actually very good and so meaningful that I wanted to comment on it.

Therefore, I am also posting this WARNING regarding content some viewers may find outside the routine ‘Theme’ of Naturism as a Way of Living.

(Fan Mail) Feedback is always appreciate and welcomed.  Thank you!

Centauri4Naturism as a Way of Living on tumblr.

Nudist Camps, Parks, Resorts


Nudist Camps, Parks, Resorts

Nudist Camps, Parks, Resorts

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Because: Experience life fully, freely, in the form humans were originally designed to “be”, or live, or love, or.. all of the above.

Some have embraced it. Some know the joy of running free! Some have felt the “kiss” of sunrise upon their skin while morning dew cooled their toes! YES!!

Alive. Free. Fully human.

…this is the quintessential experience.

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Sunshine Beach Club, Florida

If a future of absolute equality and ultimate freedom is desired, then teaching people to accept more diversity in behavior may be the way. Social nudity is peaceful, aspires to be beautiful (or restore humanity’s appreciation of our form), treats all ages and both sexes as equal and hopes to secure freedom of living for all those desiring it.

Some of the concepts I purpose in this may seem like “minority” positions, but true freedom promotes, supports and defends the practices of even the smallest groups! In speech, we defend a person’s right to speak whatever is on their mind. In religion, as long as the practice is documented and not immediately harmful to others, it may be followed freely. In smoking and alcohol, we only prohibit those individual actions posing an imnediate threat to the well-being of other individuals.

Social nudity does none of these harmful things, promotes self-confidence, encourages healthy eating as well as exercise, champions exposure skin-care, reinforces self-image and teaches morally responsible conducts.

All these things and MORE are possible through the “core values” of both Nudism and Naturist, each of which have been practicing, documenting and refining the advanced etiquettes by which we live.

“Etiquette is a code of polite conduct. If one practices proper etiquette, practioners are less likely to offend or annoy people — and they may even charm them.”

Nudism and Naturism redefine polite conduct to include nudity, respect nudity and present nudity in ways such that people will not be startled or surprised.

Education is the key.
Documentation is the way.
Publication achieves dreams.