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The Other Side of the [Naked] Coin?

Okay, real quick because its late. Is it possible there are some people so unhappy with their physical body that EVEN IF it was totally legal and customary to be nude anywhere, they still would not do it?

I was moved to think this question after watching some television programs with my wife and seeing people out and about who I was incapable of imagining being “happy” nude. Please, hear me out on this, the reasoning is IF there are “secret” Home Nudists walking among us everyday, then there must correspondingly be a “Clothesists” segment of the population who really, really love clothing. This is the other side of the coin in my title today.

Even a person devoted to clothing and achieving their best look everyday must occasionally think about skinny-dipping, even if they imagined doing all by themselves in some isolated, far-away spot.

What kind of literature would help people be more happy with whatever body the universe has given them?


Ignorance only persists when it remains unchallenged, and this may be one of the greatest opportunities of our time! So many options exist for writing positive, encouraging things, on many platforms, with many tiny voices together.

Centauri4, August 4th, 2018, “Naturism as a Way of Living” on tumblr

bnekkid83: Nudity Is N🚫T Explicit If we want…


Nudity Is N🚫T Explicit

If we want it to be true,we have to express it,mean it and promote it.

Still true many months after I first conceived it (as N.I.N.E.), or possibly as #Nine (competing against other uses of this hashtag).

skolboi99: Relaxing with some friends Some m…


Relaxing with some friends

Some may have tried social nudity while in college, others hope to try it everywhere!

I woke up this morning thinking of a writing c…

I woke up this morning thinking of a writing challenge: Writing realistic scenes of people adopting a lifestyle of permanent nudity (social nudism) and how their family, neighbors, co-workers or business partners and the general public respond to this choice. Similar ideas have been done before, but my “different” take on it is more personalized, realism for nudism, not fantasy (erotic) themes. Every type of creative writing deserves our appreciation, but the kind which takes an issue and compares it accurately TO REAL LIFE as we each know it now, can, in my opinion help people imagine “taking that step” into nudity for real! ~ Not every nude situation will work out good, some relatives may object on moral grounds, some will cut all ties in disbelief, employers will resist the choice of nudity and LIKELY terminate the permanently nude employee; so personal financial impact COULD BE quite severe. Would the newly freed employees form new business ventures on their own? Could we unite with each other, support each other, and generate opportunity where none existed before?

This would be a real world, real life challenge, and for people to begin thinking of it now may help aid in developing the many ideas necessary to ACTUALLY make it happen one day! … Imagination is a powerful tool! …. Communication is the second most powerful tool! Finally, once the concept of a thing happening is firmly implanted in our collective conscience, it already takes on a “realism” of its own. The realism of belief, of faith, and a movement from concept to reality as with anything a part of the ideas’ strength lays in our ability to integrate it with reality on a massive scale!

So there you are Followers, visitors, first-time curious, new/young writers, older/accomplished writers, and people up for a challenge! This is the inspiration, the “seed” and the idea, we may refer to as:

A #NowNudistStory or #NudistStoriesChallenge, or even #NudistsForReality (or add a Hashtag of your choice to encompass the spirit of this challenge!)

nudeflikker: feel free…be nude We may be at …


feel free…be nude

We may be at the 4th annual WNBR event in some places or the 6th, 7th yearly occurrence, but what will the world “think” or “be” when it is the 20th or 30th anniversary for these cities? How is the growth of the WNBR events altering perceptions of public nudity? How many people view it intentionally, versus accidentally? What of the youngest spectators along the routes or in nearby buildings with decent vantage points? I believe the more instances of peaceful civil disruption the world experiences, the better it WILL become!! … WNBR events are far better than throwing rocks, bottles and breaking things! Seeing people beaten and bloodied in the streets sends a much less desirable message than seeing simply naked bodies! … What is being achieved is a significant presence or force to be recognized, not banned or ignored, but rather modern humans putting their bodies where their voices once were barely noticed! … It is a form of Social Revolution most definitely, and imaging the parent BOLD enough to include teenage family members and make THIS an annual event! “Oh sure, we did that together as a family when I was 16 [17, 18, 19, 20…] and so forth. Then I joined (or formed) a WNBR group at college in ‘N’ city!” might be the statements made one day! … Might this be the reincarnation of America’s Woodstock, or the next closest socially relevant equivalent? ~ Amazing.

Hold onto something, even if its only yourself…

Hold onto something, even if its only yourself! ~ Centauri4


One quality hashtag I have used with some consistency is: #NudeUnity

(for the things we can easily do and be recognized as ‘in support of’, but mostly thoughtful/complex issues with simple or direct answers; we simply need to talk them through.)

Please do check it out.