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summer 18

The world needs more relaxed, casual and candid nudity like this featuring guys – simply chilling and… happy! …. AND, parents can do a world of good by desensitizing all children on the “sensationalism” or the thrill of nudity (unexpected, exciting, tantalizing, “mysterious” nudity, and later “erotic” nudity) because it now seems desperately apparent if we don’t EDUCATE and normalize the feelings of pleasure, they will go on to make mistakes WITH it, about it, or in pursuit of pleasurable experiences. This is your parental obligation and keeping in mind we all had mistakes, awkward fumbling, groping, and ineptness in adolescence and as young adults – fortunately not at the criminal level for most of us; I hope! This is an important concept, sanctifying, normalizing or familiarizing nudity so that WE END these claims of harassment, assault and hurtful behaviors claimed to be “life altering” and so damaging. I don’t claim to fully understand inept behavior being so bad, but nothing I have ever done was forced or unwanted by a partner – this also is a very important concept.



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Truth. Real freedom includes younger, older, tanned and pale and those who are unable to tan or unwilling to take a risk in toughening up their hides. All these things are good and fine, as we were designed to exist in this environment, as animals of the human kind. The further we travel down the road of evolution, the more we learn, the more we embrace this existence, and the more we understand our fundamental and basic needs. Where will humanity sit, stand and walk in 10 years time? Can we finish the wars, care for each other and do what is needed to step forward into a more peaceful future?

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Greeting the sun with your soul. It’s an au natural communion. We have been blessed to exist on a world where this is even possible, because if the Sun were any stronger or Earth’s atmosphere any less, THIS simple act you see would be unlikely or impossible! ~ In fact, if the Sun were stronger or the Earth was not protected by it’s magnetic field, we would not even exist! ~ This is a crucial fact of life all family members should know: Our typical clothing only protects us from each other’s gaze and a minimal amount of sun exposure, but I think, clothing may have also altered our evolution as a species over the last 2,000 years.

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Simply nude. Simply beautiful. Relaxed pose. Real life.

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Perspective. Nothing more. Go “Pro” and “MF” (Manual Focus) on some cameras and smartphones.

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Of course

Let judgement be replaced with encouragement of independence, thoughtful living and respect for the remarkable grace of our forms – in every shape, size, color and ability!

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This is what FKK/nudism/naturism is all about, being comfy in your own skin, aware of the fact you need no extra covers whenever nature and our own technology allow it, and also knowing this is what we all humans are and look like, so no one should feel embarrassed by watching you being you nor embarrassed for you. Give it a try, start now, end it never!

Comfortable nakedness in a home setting, this picture is probably 30 or 40 years old, and yet the attitude captured is one we can still admire and aspire towards! This casual “approach” to nudity makes it a simple thing, and so I use the hashtag *#simplenudity* or #simplynude. Embodied is a spirit of joy, relief from labels, and freedom; because if someone labels a person “as” something for appearing in the nude, that labeling tells more about them. The use of labels, even including naturist versus nudist, is something I generally avoid – except as it is necessary ON the tumblr platform in support of the searching and ‘Recommend for you’ processes.

The home is our safest, safe place, where our easiest and greatest acceptance SHOULD occur, should be possible, and should be understood by those who love us, or with whom we share loving and respectful relationships! In other words, when we tell our families we have a desire to experience life free of clothing, instead of replying ‘Well, why would you want to do THAT?!?’ a more understanding response might be, ‘That is interesting. Tell us more about THIS idea of yours, how and when you wish to do it, and what sort of support of the idea we can give.’ <- Because this shows contemplative patience with someone exploring their world figuring out their place in it (boy/man or girl/woman, or anyone).

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Living naked makes me happy

Once you have embraced your outdoor nude muse, “doing” outdoors any other way never feels as good! It is that simple, and it’s like this great secret hidden from much of humanity! Through the conscious choice of shedding one’s clothes, we learn so much about ourselves – whether as adults “rediscovering” the joy of nudity, families hoping to grow closer, stronger bonds, or younger people refusing to buy into society’s broad-stroke confinement of textilism, we know a powerful truth emerges when WE emerge from “clothesmindedness”.

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Naturist themed watercolor artwork by Roman Bures, learn more about it at