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There are so many ways we can choose to live o…

There are so many ways we can choose to live our lives, times spent at school, seeking love, making money, beginning a family, and in the end we should be asking ourselves, ‘Have I made great choices?’ and ‘Has my life been an example to others?’ If we all make the SAME choices and do the SAME things, nothing changes! ~ The only way humanity evolves is when we “find” new, happier ways of living and perfect those! It really is a simple concept, and many instances of “new” (and nude), honest, healthy ways of caring do exist all around us! ~ Have an excellent day!
Make a positive example of this life!

I wanted to “Crop” sections of this image or even…

I wanted to “Crop” sections of this image or even draw boxes on it to highlight a few curves and graceful details, but my LG tablet does not have the proper “Editing” App for that! The message I wanted to express was how even parts of exposed bodies are extremely attractive, to me, to many, and they should be to all. There is no part of the human body that isn’t an amazing miracle created by G-d or the universe, and respecting the sacred beauty of this all is showing respect to G-d or to all of creation for being permitted to witness it! We witness the miracle of living every day, and those persons doing “random violence” are the worst possible humans to ever live!

I simply want to say, “How day YOU treat this beautiful creation with such disregard!!!” to anyone disrespecting a person’s right to enjoy life freely! Peacefully. Without fear.

Humans need to stop being “shitty” to each other!

nudism-naturism: Yup! That was our #nakedbouncehouse from the…


Yup! That was our #nakedbouncehouse from the #YNA 4th of July #naturistgathering at #dyerwoods #nudistcamp in Rhode Island 🙂 #youngnaturistsamerica #youngnaturists #nudist #naturist #naturism #nudism #nakedwithfriends #nudeoutdoors #nakedinnature #nudists #naturists

May our souls always retain an element of childhood allowing us to enjoy this activity. NEXT GOAL: Group rental of one of the indoor trampoline gymnasiums for a clothing-free outing! THAT WOULD BE AN AWESOME TIME!!

Meet the New Generation of British Nudists (Feb. ’14)

Meet the New Generation of British Nudists (Feb. ’14):


Naturism as a Way of Living has seen this photographer’s work with this group of younger people and it is good. The essence of social nudity is individuality, and yet those who do it thrive in small groups, revel in defining it as they see fit and simply enjoy it. Yes, there are rules of etiquette and behavior for social nudity that have been developed over decades, over generations, but these represent a foundation for anyone trying it, and the shape of the “next house” may be up to you!

Out of the many millions of people that have never skinny-dipped, posed for an art class or photographer and only go without clothing for baths and showers, there may be another one-tenth of one percent seeking something different, something better than what they know. Pioneers and social explorers have already forged another path, practiced new skills, and taken greater control over who tells them how to live, where to live and what living means.

Nudity is only as complicated as anyone makes it.
Nudity can be as beautiful as you allow it to be.
Humanity should get a second chance at simply living.
Humanity needs another tool for equalizing things.
Humanity needs another way to grasp peace.
Words are not enough, treaties barely hold.

Demonstrations of unity, peace & freedom might.
Unity lasts when people are fully dedicated.
Peace lasts when it is an actual priority.
Freedom is a state of mind.
Freedom is a belief of the heart.
Freedom once achieved cannot be let go.
Freedom grows, freedom allows, freedom lets the individual be themselves and respect others as they do what supports all these things.

Still true. Just did not get NOTICED so much the first time.

The older nudist photographs teach us a great lesson about our…

The older nudist photographs teach us a great lesson about our own ability to interact peacefully with each other. As I look at them, what I see is normal people doing ordinary, everyday things. This is a part of the shift in mindsets which may happen to ANYONE as a result of viewing simple nudity! It is not aggressive, not dominating in any way, and there is an inherent tranquility expressed in many of these “classic” images. So, are the images a reflection of “those times”? What else was happening in the world at THE SAME TIME?

Maybe social peace movements, music festivals, anti-war protests, yes, but concurrently there were fuel shortages, growing concerns about animal testing and welfare, families living in American “slums” or ghettos AND politicians deciding where the next bombs would drop! Elsewhere in the world cruel dictators ruled, forced labor camps existed, and some people did not have much in the way of clothing to wear even though they wanted it.

There must be so many stories yet untold.
Some of the storytellers, those who lived through historic moments, well some of them are gone and some never knew of the Internet, social media or even cellphones; and yet we have these telling images.

Do you ever wonder if WE are living in moments people will talk about, write about, or see later? This is why tumblr exists; it is not about ONLY the images, it is about images given context. Be a context-giver, be a storyteller, because we are living it.

My perspective of nudism/naturism and how it can evolve.


This is solely my opinion and you have every right to disagree and have different ideals

Whenever I look up nudism on the internet, I either see these two messages. Nudism is just exhibionists and perves “usually from the textiles perspective”. or nudism is the most enlightening philosophy on the planet, to get back into nature and how it intended to be. Treating nudism as some sort of religion…But for me its neither of those. Nudism in my point of view is far from perverse. Despite popular belief, nudists are just as modest as others in clothes. And no different than any other forms of fashion and lifestyle. In Ancient times, civilizations such as the Egyptians and the Greeks viewed the naked body as the same as being clothed in a robe or etc. Being nude is no different than wearing t-shirts and shorts. While I love nature and all and I think we should take care of the planet much better. I don’t view nudism as a gateway to nature. Im a nudist simply because I love to be nude and never understood body shame. Nothing magical or enlightening! If you think about it. This form of casual nudism is a resurrgence of Ancient nudism.

Nudism in today’s age is “for lack of better words” restrained. Since we live in a textile world. Nudism is limited to home or private places. Resorts and nude beaches are great but they are a two edged sword. Their safe places but they kind of prevents the nudist lifestyle from progressing. Where I believe nudism needs to be is not just in secluded beaches or highly expensive resorts. Nudism needs to be in malls, universities, in the city streets, in Starbucks, and all forms of public places. I love nature as I already stated, especially beaches. but a nudist like me shouldn’t be in the wild to be naked. A nudist like me should be nude in Gamestop buying games, in the mall hanging out with friends and family in a movie theatre or in card game shop, playing Magic the Gathering with friends, no matter their nude or clothed. Not all nudists crave for the country side or beaches. Many are city people and need to be ourselves in our own environment. If nudism is ever gonna evolve and become a norm. We have to challenge the textile’s notion of body shaming and have nudism presented in the public eye easily seen. We can’t be stuck with expensive resorts and nude beaches forever.

Body Shame is definitely a conditioned or programmed response to societies complexities, and by this I mean as younger humans mature first they are taught personal hygiene, rather ineffectively because people often treat that activity as “messy”, and messy things are done in privately in a bathroom or “restroom”.  If you are messy, go somewhere else and take care of that issue and do not return until it is done.  Okay, got that?

The next more complex social convention we taught is what to wear, when and how; or the selection of outfits (dressing) appropriate to the planned activity.  I suggest dressing is both complex and taught because without guidance, many young people are happy to run out the door in pajamas, sweatpants, t-shirts or whatever they happen to be wearing at any given moment.  A rather carefree attitude, but because clothing is stored in another room, the “order” or instructions to “go put something else on” typically direct the young person to leave the parent’s sight and not return until different clothing has been selected.  Therefore, all clothing changes are done ‘away from me’ again and this is essentially in a private space also!  Okay, got that?

In these conventional families, it has now been established the preferable behavior is for people in the process of bathroom tasks, dressing, changing or perhaps undressing to “go elsewhere” and do it.  This tendency to separate ourselves from each other for various tasks then becomes habit, and young people begin applying the same logic to other tasks!  They sleep in private, study in private and in many cases the religious practice of confession is strictly done in private also!  Privacy, separation, delineation or tasks, or compartmentalization are the ways we treat many things, so as nudity is introduced later on (or reintroduced), it is quite easy and “natural” for people to DO THAT privately too!  Step by step, task by task, lesson by lesson, the world’s young people are shaped into mirror images of less complex, more capable and independent beings we do not need to look after.

Of course every family is different and maybe a percentage are more communal in their practices, or they live in smaller spaces where separation is impractical, or perhaps bathroom space is shared and family members cannot avoid seeing each other in more situations.

The choice to become more accepting of human appearance and allow greater freedoms is exactly that, a choice.  There is an inherent “complexity” to changing human behavior on a large scale, but integrating the social cues into everyday life can help with it.  Whether we view the acceptance of social nudity as potentially difficult and more complex than enforced clothing is the trick; it is a “glass half empty” or “glass half full” kind of thing.  Society is already complex and the social conventions are many and nuanced, but at the present time people everywhere are trying to introduce those the idea of accepting more skin, more often, and that is being done with as much thoughtfulness and consideration as is possible.  People are not yet going nude at shopping malls, movie theaters, libraries or other public locations, BUT the fact anyone is thinking and writing about do this at all is a sign of societal and cultural progress.  We just need to keep that concept in mind, the idea “accepting something” with challenges and differences is progressive (making progress) and the people who emerge from the process on the other side will be better, more understanding, perhaps more kind, and completely respectful of individual choices.

This image seems authentic to me.  Consider:  Both are playing…

This image seems authentic to me.  Consider:  Both are playing tennis nude, or have just finished playing a game of tennis, and now they have stopped to pose for the camera.  That is a specific act with intent.  This image may very well have been taken for a nudist lifestyle magazine, or a website, but it “feels” wholly promotional of the activity pictured.  The photograph was not taken covertly, secretively, or with an apparent intent (to me) that it would remain absolutely private and then someone decided after the fact to publish it openly.  The couple is not wearing hats, do not have their faces obscured with sunglasses, and the scene is all inclusive of the surroundings; these are a few of the things that make it “good” in my opinion.  It is accurately representative of two people doing an ordinary thing minus the clothing so many people believe is critically necessary.

expandandfloaton: @alinudist @socalyoungnaturist @lazing-naturalists hey guys, I am interested in…


@alinudist @socalyoungnaturist @lazing-naturalists hey guys, I am interested in buying a house and renting out the rooms to fellow nudists/naturists. If you were to do something like this, how would you go about finding the right people to participate in this with? Basically what I am trying to do is create a space where other people can feel at home and be themselves in environment that is welcoming and warm. I am trying to use this experience to help me understand the implications of what this could possibly mean for the future when I set the foundation of nudism in my household for my family to grow up with.

I think it will be necessary to identify a suitable rental property first, figure out all the expenses necessary to maintain it, and THEN find like-minded people to cohabitate with you. It will make all the difference if a really great house is going to cost each person $1,800 per month OR $2,500 per month; some may be ruled out as candidates because they cannot afford the dollar per square foot amount. Plus, six bedrooms, eight bedrooms, couples and singles welcome? It almost sounds like starting a nudist resort from scratch, except you will have all the “up front” and “recurring” costs figured out.

Good luck with this project!

As a permanently naked person you are asked for your advice by a young girl, possibly your daughter or the daughter of a close friend. She wants to know whether to go to the high school that allows her to be permanently naked with a so-so reputation or the high school with a very good reputation but which requires her to be clothed at all times. Which do you recommend?

Lets call her daughter of a close friend, since I never expect to have kids. I would want more details before making that call. How big a difference in reputations? If the school that would make her wear clothes is amazing, and the naked-friendly school is kind of bad, then I think her education comes first. Also, does she want to naked? Probably since she’s asking for this advise.

If the reputation’s not to bad, I would say go to the school where you can be naked. I think spending your teenage years naked would be very healthy, avoiding so much of the shame and insecurity that all us sadly clothed teens felt.

I like this kind of fantasy hypothetical you’ve asked. Everyone please feel free to send more like this.