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Naturism and digital media: We may see some of the same images again and again on favored social media platforms, sometimes with comments and sometimes without, but these images are our “meaning”. I mean these images are a collective, shared meaning, kind of like a well-known story being told and told again, with the moral (point) of the story varying a little here, or maybe more over there!

Images with simply nudity, not the explicit style ones, are normalizing society’s understanding of behaviors including nudity; they are “de-escalating” its potency. Hopefully. However this is only true, only possible, when people keep sharing the images, keep telling stories with the images and restore the comments they added to these images once before! The more time devoted to making nudity simple, dialing it down a notch, and expressing an everyday love for it, the better everyone’s behavior toward it should become!

There is an educational purpose to this effort and normalization of nudity, or the reconditioning people’s awareness OF nudity, serves an important purpose. Nudity is something everyone has or can do, so it is more universal than any other quality or characteristic we share. If 50% of people are men, and 50% are women, the things we can each do such as be “good”, be “productive” or be nude, are the things we have 100% in common with each other.

Only a small number may be doctors, architects, college graduates or musicians, only a small number can be law enforcement, teachers, engineers or artists. In this world, some people will be heterosexual, some homosexual, and a smaller number self identify as bisexual, transgender or some other characteristic, and speaking knowledgeably of any of these things is an important skill. This is also true of social nudity, the practices of nudism, and the people who enjoy or love being nude whenever it is reasonably possible. We think there could be more places, should be more times, and hope people will adjust their beliefs towards “simple nudity” being acceptable! This effort is something that WILL take time, HAS been ongoing for generations (with parents and grandparents identifying as nudists) and CAN reshape more and more people’s basic reactions and fundamental behaviors toward nudity.

The “how” of accepting the whole nude body.
The “why” of accepting the whole nude body.

Nudists love being nude, not doing anything specific with it. In the same way other self identifying groups also want to be accepted as those things, along with EVERYTHING else they are in life, we seek to educate and enlighten anyone who will listen to the moderate, hopeful, peaceful things we believe and practice openly. Goodness happens in many ways when we accept it as possible.

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Great way to work

“Some things you will see, others you will never see. Some things you may wish for, but will never achieve, and finally there will be things you wish you had never seen!” (actually, my wife said that at a nude late-night dance where a few people had a bit too much to drink)

~ Centauri4

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Happy to be nude

“The purity of nudism has never disappointed me in life, and I do not think I can say this about anything, even my own behavior.”

~ Centauri4, Subtitled: “How we know what we know?”

Maybe even, “Most of the time, the harde…

Maybe even, “Most of the time, the hardest thing to wear is our own skin.” and what if a portion of any audience, any town, city, state or country could go nude for [even] a day? Completely as normal, as a challenge, with coverage of it happening – in whatever media. The sensationalism of it would be stunning! Announced as an event one week, or two weeks in advance, giving SOME people a chance to talk about it, plan and prepare, while others simply daydream of doing it until the day arrives. In the United Kingdom, an artistic video of such a thing happening at one office has been made, but when viewing it the viewer MAY be left feeling uncertain as to whether it ACTUALLY happened or not. Does this mean our imagination cannot differentiate between one fantasy scenario and another, or is it more of a case of a nude day at the office “almost” being believable? ~ Centauri4

Go beachtime like this guy! Ahhh, Summer is go…

Go beachtime like this guy! Ahhh, Summer is gone now.


“ARE WE SHAMING EACH OTHER INTO WEARING CLOTHES?” This is literally THE question for a Friday afternoon, and when I thought of it moments ago, it was because we have every other type of “[blank]” shaming. Therefore, if social pressure compels people to wear clothing even in times they _might_ rather not, then this is a form of shaming, is it not? … And it starts early in our lives too! Shay-ming. It is group think of the highest order, but we no people can do the opposite because each year at Burning Man, they enable different social customs and many thousands of people do go nude!



Abby this morning

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Support Continued Awareness Efforts in Legal-t…

Support Continued Awareness Efforts in Legal-to-be-Topless New York:


In the most challenging of economic times for many, the only way some people are able to continue doing what they believe in is through “mutual support”. Naturism as a Way of Living knows this is true first hand as our resources are minimal to non-existent, however, through technology, social media and the interconnected nature of much of the world, time in between jobs CAN BE supportive!

Legal rights supporting topless equality were established in New York state many years ago, but participation is limited and attitudes are some of the slowest things to change in life! In some cases, people are known to think and say, “Well that’s nice, but its not for me.” This personal attitude is understandable when people perceive no inherent value or benefit in altering their everyday behavior “towards” or “to include” a new privilege secured for them by others! Social nudity is a privilege and a freedom, it is not a necessity for many because the prevailing customs or traditions are based on, or biased towards clothing, and so the term “clothing optional” evolved.

Yet for others, the spirited few, a minority, the idea of being treated unequally because of ONE THING such as a thing men are permitted to do, have or be, while women are not is more than a simple matter! When New York’s laws were revised it was argued the state had, “no compelling interest” in continuing the practices of treating men and women differently! A simple thing but with potentially wide-spread implications and although the law only applies to “in public” spaces, shared spaces, that constitutes an incredibly large area!

In the end, the treatment of women has almost always been unbalanced, from voting rights, to education, employment opportunities (in some areas), to retail prices and services, so any change, any leveling of behaviors IS and WILL BE something happening over generations! I mean, not a few years, but a few decades! The “mainstreaming” of any cultural shift is a terrific challenge requiring minds, bodies, hearts and souls – which means those with ANY passion must act where passive person simply go with “whatever is the norm” of the day.

Please support the passionate few. If we cannot stand next to them, adding financial support behind them is so very valuable! Mental, emotional, vocal and visual support helps also, but SOMETIMES the bits and bytes need financial backing to continue flowing!

Thanks for any consideration given to this cause and efforts!!

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I love to be nude and want to share this passion with you.

If you have nice pics of your last nude holiday, why not submit for the great naturist community on tumblr to share them?