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by Chip Willis

Truly a artistic pose because this is not likely to be a “natural” pose someone would find their self in doing routine things outdoors. So, would-be Naturists and first-time Nudists need not think, ‘I am worried someone will think I look funny’ while being undressed outdoors, or ‘What will show on my body and am I ready for that?’ because although it MAY be true everything could show or might be seen, more experienced guides will encourage you not to worry about that. Shared social nudity is revealing act, revealing the self, challenging our perceptions BOTH of ourselves and others, and giving us chances to accept everything about being humans! ~ There are no “wrong” thoughts, only the past contexts humanity has allowed to be conceived surrounding those thoughts were constraining.

Supporting the inherent goodness of the self and the positive things we are capable of accomplishing with our bodies SHOULD BE the only guidance needed. The most positive thoughts should be our guides and I am very happy to correspond with ANYONE seeking guidance on doing good things while being nude! ~ Reply with this post, adding thoughts to it, or in a private message to continue the dialog.

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Photo de famille

Family photo

The poses a family of nudists make should be no different than those of non-nudists but, even in these photographs the viewer *may* get an impression of slightly altered behavior. I know I see more “open” poses with the individual family members standing farther apart but, that is okay! The well-known principles of “personal space” still apply even when we are nude, and yes you still need to invite someone in to your space; these rules do not change!

However, this family (or any family) should be able to be closer to each other in a family photograph without fear, worry or concern of their posture being misunderstood. Closeness and intimacy are TOTALLY possible for family nudists or within the family of social nudism, and it is experienced more often than not! I have been invited to hug people while nude and DO believe it takes a little bit of understanding, patience with yourself and practice (especially if you come from a background where hugging was not as common). We all need more hugs! We all need more comforting! The world needs more friendliness and peace – so lets hug it out!!