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As I read a fiction story tonight, one line in…

As I read a fiction story tonight, one line in the story “…and civil rights matters involving gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender and absolute [naturist] rights.” inspired me to rethink the idea of “discovering” I was a nudist. Here is why: I have frequently written of discovering naturism in my late teens, but after reading this one sentence I feel compelled to approach the idea of “BECOMING” a nudist differently, and this may impact the ways in which we appeal for and pursue legal rights. Please consider this: If a person does not “become” gay, they simply achieve a realization of having been gay all their life, and a lesbian or bi-sexual person also arrives at a point in life where KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE allow them to realize a “new” sexual orientation, this milestone does not mean they changed something about themselves.

So, maybe the simple fact is I was always a nudist (or naturist) and did not change a fundamental character trait, or personality aspect, I simply became educated enough to begin understanding the feelings I probably had all my life!

If the desire to BE nude, live nude, and share nude experiences with others is a basic part of the human experience, then it may very well be something entitled to legal standing.

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Nudism Is For Everyone – Nudism is for anyone and everyone. It is humanity’s oldest and
most enduring fashion. The skin is beautiful and natural. We were all born in a
skin and our bodies are with us for life.

There are nudists of all
shapes and sizes, and all are welcome.

There are nudist tall
people and nudist short people.

There are nudist men and
women boys and girls.

There are nudist
families, couples, friends, and singles.

There are nudist
divorced, separated, and widowed people.

There are nudist adopted
family members.

There are nudist half

There are nudist
godparents and godchildren.

There are nudists of all
education levels.

There are nudists of
different jobs and professions.

There are nudist heterosexuals, homosexuals, bisexuals, transgender people, and asexuals.

There are nudist
students, teachers, babysitters, construction workers, engineers, firefighters,
doctors, nurses, detectives, security guards, police officers, lawmakers,
lawyers, judges, politicians, celebrities, singers, musicians, butchers, chefs,
store managers, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, sweepers, inventors, scientists,
priests, bartenders, journalists, taxi drivers, pilots, train conductors,
famous and unknown people, activists, archivists, statisticians, athletes, and
artists. The list goes on and on.

Nudism is for all – from
newborns to 100+ year-olds.

Nudism is for all ages
and walks of life. And people of all ages and walks of life are nudists

The excellent thing is, everyone no matter who or what they are, are
accepted in nudism!

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this is  so true  

One pic from us found the way to this album.

The simplicity of social nudity, shared, has the ability to unite peoples if the world like nothing else! I believe it indicates: We are unarmed. We are undisguised. We put our bodies where once only words promised to go (putting us “into” a peaceful state of existence we have repeatedly promised to have or live with each other). We can accept the forms evolution, or G-d, or both have created, and we accept all these forms are capable of feeling, doing and enduring! ~ This is the essence of “nudity shared” peacefully in any setting at any time!

I believe it. #WhatDoNudistsDo (W.D.N.D.)

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Of course

Let judgement be replaced with encouragement of independence, thoughtful living and respect for the remarkable grace of our forms – in every shape, size, color and ability!


I suspect there are ways of living we imagine to be sexy and awesome, but that if we actually got to try those out, we would find the reality never matches the fantasy. ~ I know that is NOT true with Naturism and I guess this is the core of what I love about it! Every naturist experience I have had was better than I expected it to be.

Centauri4, “Naturism as a Way of Living” on tumblr


Consider, if you even dream of trying social nudism between the ages of 20 and 30, you only get an opportunity to ‘try’ it once. We may never pass this way again.



Legalize public nudity in America

This most basic freedom is illegal nearly everywhere in the USA

The United States of America is known throughout the world as a beacon of freedom and hope. It just seems crazy that most of the states and cities in the country have laws prohibiting nudity. The State of Arkansas even has an unconstitutional law where even so much as the promotion of nudism is banned, a clear violation of the First Amendment.

Americans need to take a stand and challenge these laws in the courts and have them overturned. Rather than allow body freedom, the states are suppressing our right to be nude, while fostering a society that is addicted to sex, pornography, and facilitates human trafficking. Enough is enough.


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Whatever you like to blow, it’s fun2bnaked!

A few guys together nude should be easier now than ever before in human history; nothing more is actually implied or said, unless it IS said, at which point it’s no longer implied. It is just “simple nudity” as such, for the sake of enjoying being that way and that is it. A simple, guilt-free, my-body-is-the-same-as-yours enjoyment. All of us, together, in close proximity with each other, even to the point of casual physical contact. Hopefully, it (life) gets better.

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“Make that memory now. Stop thinking about it! Stop wondering how it would feel and go do it! THEN you can remember how it felt!”

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This could be any beach, anywhere in the world if only we would treat each other with that level of respect all the time. The human form is graceful, embodies grace or is a wonderful thing, if only we would let it be! ~ Centauri4, April 2018

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“Place all your worries in a bag and carry them over your shoulder.” ~ Centauri4, April 2018