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Life is a miracle, we know this to be true.

Life is a miracle, we know this to be true.

We spend much of our time and effort trying to understand it, first responsibilities (like chores) then our changing bodies and new abilities, and finally love, love-sex, love-kindness and love-wisdom.


Perhaps the most miraculous thing we learn is patience, patience and persistence, but mostly patience with each other and that in time the caring we have for each other will solve problems. Patience with ourselves, knowing that in time each tool needed to deal with each challenge will come to each of us.

If ever anyone feels frustrated or as though the are a square peg surrounded by round holes, take a moment to appreciate the hole you were meant to fill simply has not been found yet. Life is vague most of the time, and we cannot answer questions before someone asks them, but we can share any positivity coming from “the now” or the most recent steps leading up to now!

The freedom of ideas, of visions, of kindness, or better, acts of kindness, compassion and things which build life up, support each other and encourage each other to keep BELIEVING in this gift of existence.

You are a miracle, in every shape, every thought, every feeling both happy and sad, these are signs meant to guide our development and rediscover the grace of living.. of loving.. of helping each achieve a chance to experience it all. Everyday.

Do this at home, at school, at church or temple, in offices and every other building, the experiences of life are our guides.

Please consider: If G-d returned to Earth or s…

Please consider: If G-d returned to Earth or sent an emissary down in some form to mingle with humanity, check on our progress and assess the state of humanity, how would this happen? It is unlikely that “person” will look anything like Jesus, and “he” or it may not even appear in human form! An infinitely powerful being, with possibly infinite curiosity, and they would come again as a bearded prophet? Probably not. Would they reveal themselves? Would they walk among us (see above), dance with us, entertain us, doctor us, or lead us as a less-than-ideal candidate? – This is an important question and one we fail to consider on a daily basis, I think. Is G-d next offspring cleaning your office at night, playing nude volleyball across from you, or working as an advisor to the President of Afghanistan right now? Imagine.



Words can’t express our devastation, fury, and sorrow. Our hearts break thinking of the lives that will go unlived, and the families left behind.

If you’re suffering from fear or anxiety, or know someone who is, call the NAMI helpline at 1-800-950-6264 or text NAMI to 741741. Trained counselors are available 24/7 to help you process what you’re feeling, free and confidentially.

Where do we go from here?

This won’t be the last mass shooting in America. Until Congress puts aside the politics of gun control and honestly faces the human toll of their inaction, guns will continue to ravage our communities.

If you’ll be 18 by November 6, 2018, please register to vote. Help your friends register. Help your neighbors register. On election day, organize carpools to polling places. Trade shifts with people who can’t get time off, or babysit their kids. A single vote for gun control is more powerful than all the thoughts and prayers in Washington.

Tens of thousands of people will be killed by guns before we can wrest control of Congress from the gun lobby. Many hundreds will be students sheltering in classrooms. But change is possible. will help you register online or by mail. Go now. We don’t have time to wait.

See how much the gun lobby has given to your representative, or spent on their behalf.

Encouraged. If you have no other means of connecting with a personal care professional, maybe try this service. They may even allow someone to call under an assumed name or alias, as long as that person is sincere about everything else they believe or are dealing with personally.

There are so many ways we can choose to live o…

There are so many ways we can choose to live our lives, times spent at school, seeking love, making money, beginning a family, and in the end we should be asking ourselves, ‘Have I made great choices?’ and ‘Has my life been an example to others?’ If we all make the SAME choices and do the SAME things, nothing changes! ~ The only way humanity evolves is when we “find” new, happier ways of living and perfect those! It really is a simple concept, and many instances of “new” (and nude), honest, healthy ways of caring do exist all around us! ~ Have an excellent day!
Make a positive example of this life!


Is all our success in life measured by being prolific? Having many children and raising them, working many years doing any job, or writing many tumblr posts for people to read?? ~ All of these things make tiny impressions on people, hopefully each one is for the betterment of all.



Is the very definition of Freedom to be unburdened by rules and regulations, or is it allowing just enough rules to prevent Freedom from becoming total Anarchy?





WARNING: This is an OPINION. Opinions are like belly buttons- everybody has at least one 😉

First, some background…

I have been a nudist for quite literally DECADES. In fact, I have been a nudist for my whole life so far. No, this doesn’t mean I am the “authority” on nudism. It does however mean I have allot of experience with the lifestyle in general.

There are as many types of nudism out there as there are nudists. Every nudist (and textile for that matter) views nudism through the lens of their own life experiences. Thus, what is nudist and what is pornographic is judged differently by many.

When I started being a nudist, I was a toddler. Yep- a toddler. Once the toilet training was done, the diapers came off and I was allowed to run around nude whenever it was warm enough and the situation was “right”; i.e.- we were at home, etc. My biological parents were NOT actually nudists. They simply believed (and this was at a time when) letting a little kid run around nude was no big deal. Trouble was, I rebelled when it came time to start wearing clothes. Sure, they slept nude, and would walk to and from the bathroom nude, but that was it.

I had seen my parents nude. No big deal. I had bathed and showered with my dad like most little kids of that era. No big deal. I never saw them acting in an erotic or sexual manner.

As time went by, I discovered that I could go skinny dipping in the creek behind where we lived. I ran across some other kids that I went to school with while they were skinny dipping back there. Turns out some of them came from nudist families. Thus, I started hanging out with them at their homes. And believe it or not, I didn’t witness any erotic or sexual behavior there either. I liked hanging out with them not because I got to see anyone nude, but because I got to be nude with other nude people, a natural state that even at a young age I recognized as inherently good and normal.

As I got a little older, around 8 or 9 years old, those families would include me in family activities, parties, and on trips to the beach. The only thing was we didn’t tell my parents that we were going to Sandy Hook instead of Seaside Heights. All the times we went somewhere, I never saw anyone acting sexual.

There was a decency involved that comes from character, not clothing.

While we kids were tearing around in the pool, the surf, the playgrounds, etc., the adults were usually keeping a close eye on us while they were sun tanning, grilling, chatting, and sometimes drinking at a social level. I don’t recall seeing anything at all questionable. Nobody sporting an erection, no obvious displays, spread legs, etc.

By now, my biological dad was out of the picture and my biological mom had decided I needed privacy, so she went to great pains to NOT see me nude. Thus, the fact that my butt was a little more tan than it should have been didn’t get noticed. If it did, she never said anything. I still played outside most of the time in short pants so I still had the typical tan line of a textile anyway.

Through these experiences I grew to understand that being nude is our most natural state. That it is not sexual in nature at all. By being surrounded with nude people of all ages, I saw that it is simply “us”, the way we are designed to be when we don’t require protection from the environment (heat, cold, abrasion, etc.). I learned that this is how we have lived for millennia.

Sure, we cover up when we need to protect our bodies, but otherwise we tended to disrobe in day to day life. Families saw each other nude constantly. People worked nude out in the fields, on fishing boats, around the cottage, in all manner of work where they didn’t need protective gear (i.e.- clothing). Sex simply wasn’t involved. Seeing another person nude wasn’t a prelude to arousal or sexual activity. It was actually a mundane, commonplace thing.

As a result, nudism and sex were never inherently related.

Fast forward to my teens. I was still skinny dipping and sunbathing with friends (albeit from a different school) and again, it was just us being natural. For us, it wasn’t automatically a sexual thing. Sure, we were usually nude when engaging in sex, but simply being nude wasn’t arousing or asking for it.

Fast forward again to my 20’s. I was a member of aanr (not anymore though!) and was disappointed at the number of resorts that barred me from visiting simply because I was a single male. They lumped me into a category that they believed was full of guys who were into nudism as a means of sexual shopping and satisfaction. I wasn’t and still am not one of them.

Why were single guys being labeled and treated this way? Because of the actions of a few of them! Because some guys saw nudism as a sexually based lifestyle and wormed their way into nudist resorts and then behaved in an unacceptably sexual manner, the majority of single guys were punished. Resorts typically either excluded them completely or instituted a limit on the number of single males that could attend at any given time. Those misbehaving single guys created a bad image, a stereotype that was applied to all. This meant that genuine nudists who happened to be male and single were being punished for the gross misbehavior of others. They were denied the opportunity to engage in social nudism as a preventative safety measure.

God created us nude. It was not designed to cause arousal. In fact, we were nude long before there was a need to have sex for procreation. Unless we need protection from the environment, we are actually meant to be nude. Clothing interferes with some of the human body’s systems and actually can be detrimental to health- physical, mental, and even spiritual. Nudity was, and should still be, commonplace. There is simply nothing inherently sexual about it.

I honestly believe that the false modesty of clothing is the greatest cause of people viewing simple nudity as arousing. When genitals are only exposed FOR sex, then they come to automatically represent sex WHENEVER they are in view. If genuine nudism was more common, I believe the porn industry would fail or come close to it!

Now… about those “sex-positive” nudist blogs-

The fact of the matter is nudism did not come from sex.

Nudism and sex are NOT inherently related to each other.

Yes, sex is natural. However it has no place in nudism. There are many things that are natural that have no place in nudism.

“Sex-positive” tends to be code for porn.

When I run across the “sex-positive” blogs, they always include eroticism/pornography and use the same argument to justify it; i.e.- sex (or erections) = natural and thus should be celebrated and included. Uh… No.

They use this “natural” argument as a means of trying to bring some legitimacy to their position. They try to pass blatantly sexual behavior off as simple nudism.  When they are called out on this, they defend their position by claiming anyone who doesn’t like to include sex in nudism is denying how natural it is. This allows them to call themselves “nudists” and label their behavior as “nudism” instead of calling it what it really is – pornography, swinging, exhibitionism, voyeurism, etc.

So what’s the problem?

They are falsely equating nudism with sex. They are linking them together and reinforcing that link.

When a solitary nudist or a textile interested in nudism see’s that, he or she may get the impression that a majority of nudists think that way. This may cause them to never reach out to other nudists, never visit a resort, and even feel ashamed of their own nudity even though it is not arousing for them.

When a textile see’s these “sex-positive” blogs, it just reinforces their assumption that nudists are perverts and nudism is all about sex, swinging, orgies, partner swapping, etc.

THAT in turn makes it more difficult for real nudism to be accepted. It also lends itself to another problem, and that is the exclusion of family. When one presents nudism as being a sexual lifestyle, one is also creating an atmosphere that requires precluding nudist families. As a result, more and more people see nudity of any kind as automatically sexual.

This in turn shapes laws, corporate policies, etc. Just look at tumblr- more porn than one could ever view in a single lifetime and those blogs remain. But when genuine nudists try to promote family friendly non sexual nudism, they get banned. Why? Because tumblr either sees nudism as an “adults only” sexual lifestyle or they don’t want the hassle of constantly having to defend non-pornographic nude images. And it’s not just tumblr. Most websites that allow any kind of nude images have similar policies.

Why did this happen? Because we, the real nudists of the world, have allowed the perverts to sully the image of nudism with sex and pornography. Because we sat silently by while they taught the world that nudity is all about sex, not about simply being normal and natural. We let them define nudism because we didn’t want to get into a debate. We didn’t want to get involved. We figured to let them have their perverted part of the internet and simply exclude them from our genuine nudism and nudist sites. That has backfired in the worst way.


The same way the gross misbehavior of some single male nudists backfired on all single male nudists. Nudism is being viewed more and more frequently as a sexually based lifestyle. Thus, this erroneous stereotype is being applied more and more often to ALL nudists. Nudism is being linked to sex, and the more “sex-positive” junk that is out there to be seen, the stronger that link becomes. This results in more and more restrictions upon nudism.

These “sex-positive” folks are creating a bad image, a stereotype that is being applied to all of us.

We are being punished for the actions of others who falsely claim their sexual behavior is representative of nudism. We are allowing this to happen.

Step up.

Assert the principals of genuine nudism.

Engage in being an active defender of genuine nudism… or sit back and watch it disappear. Sit back and allow you and your nudist family, friends, etc. be labeled as perverts when in reality you are far from that.

Don’t be an entitled lazy nudist and expect everyone else to do it for you. Step up and help… many hands make light work!

Please leave the above text intact if you reblog. It’s the right thing to do 🙂

I am only new to nudism    about 2 years, in fact………. love the lifestyle…….wish I had been brought up as a nudist……….. agree wholeheartedly with your commentary…….. hope my blog reflects the values you illuminate,    tolerance, acceptance, respect, separation of nudity from sex  exhibitionism lewdness porn etc…….. as you said, everything we do as genuine nudists reflect for good or ill on the lifestyle we love and can either attract new people to our ranks or repel those who seek to join us

Thank you for writing this article. We do need more positive representation.

Definitely a thoughtful, first person account on learning about simple nudity. It is not difficult to describe these moments of maturity and the accounts need not be lengthy, but I see a tremendous value in supporting the social nudity, social nudist, and Home nudist beliefs through validation! Plus, the only way to encourage a non-purient view of the young human body may be to “give” another set of beliefs to hold onto instead. Presently it seems many characters in the news have SELF-SERVING beliefs and no others (except secrecy and pay-for-silence, or hush money), so let us Naturists and Nudist continue championing our set or values and beliefs!!

wprentice2:A pot luck is a long nudist club tr…


A pot luck is a long nudist club tradition. Look at all the different shapes and sizes of the people, young, old and very young, of both sexes, without a care in the world. Family nudism, especially in a safe open setting like a recognized club, strengthens relations and bonds, and helps everyone feel better about themselves and their bodies. Nudism in such a setting allows parents to teach their children about how the body works, and respect for self. Being nude with the nudist family teaches respect for others and removes the mystery society places on gender. This also reduces the fear of natural changes (like puberty) because children feel safe to talk about it and what they see.

Thoughtful words. Talk is the key to learning and we all must admit we cannot be embarrassed to discuss things with children and relatives any longer! WE MUST END THE “AGE OF BODY SHAME”, bullying, torment, psychological abuse, harassment, and guilt over basic feelings! That is not healthy at all.


If you love freedom yourself but then deny it to others, you are a hypocrite.


“The things we talk about become the thi…

“The things we talk about become the things we know, and so silence, hesitation and reservations become the greatest opposition to social development. Family and friends should never judge, dismiss or express disbelief as a first instinct. It’s much better to express our love, patience and wisdom with, ‘I see. Please tell me more’ and then listen carefully.” ~ Centauri4