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There are so many ways we can choose to live o…

There are so many ways we can choose to live our lives, times spent at school, seeking love, making money, beginning a family, and in the end we should be asking ourselves, ‘Have I made great choices?’ and ‘Has my life been an example to others?’ If we all make the SAME choices and do the SAME things, nothing changes! ~ The only way humanity evolves is when we “find” new, happier ways of living and perfect those! It really is a simple concept, and many instances of “new” (and nude), honest, healthy ways of caring do exist all around us! ~ Have an excellent day!
Make a positive example of this life!

NakedStream video on Periscope

NakedStream video on Periscope:

Titled: “Artistic Nature Shoot Yasolin side” begins with a boat ride and then a part 2 stroll continues in “Polo park”

(Note: Casual nudity in public settings. Videos seem to be routinely unavailable, probably due to demand and server capacity)

Is there a sexual side element to nudism for y…

Is there a sexual side element to nudism for you? Do you enjoy seeing people naked and people seeing you naked?

There used to be when I first discovered nudism yes, it felt quite naughty and I think there was quite a sexual exploration side to it. But I think that’s just growing up and everyone has that whether they’re a nudist or not. I think being interested in nudism at the same time just added a slightly different take on it.

I don’t think there is a sexual aspect for the majority of nudists, I think on the whole it’s just the joy and comfort of being nude. Yes I like seeing people naked and I like being seen naked, but there’s nothing indecent about it, it’s just sharing the love of nudism with others. For me nudism is all about the social aspect and being there with others. Also the nude body is amazing when you look at it and the variety that exists is incredible. I feel quite lucky being able to observe and people watch on a nude beach, it’s fascinating!

A good morning, no matter how you view it! Th…

A good morning, no matter how you view it! The weather is here, wish you were beautiful!

shahin70: nudeandhappy123: Whatever you do d…



Whatever you do do it nude


GO FREE! Free beaches movement. Freedom now.

sunshineandhealth: ☮ Peace, love, and nudity!…


☮ Peace, love, and nudity!

Thanks  for the picture!

Excellent, natural pose, natural scene. Great picture.

lovelivingthenudelife: Living the Nude Life ☀…


Living the Nude Life ☀️

This set of images feels really, authentically nudist. I love it! The goal of the Naturist Way of Life (in this instance Nudist also) is to be exactly “that” comfortable in our skin, and many people are this way already, they simply did not have a label for it! Is it a secretly true feeling people already have? Hmm. Could be! ~ If nudity brings joy to your heart, know this feel is universal – or at least that it can be!!


“C4N” Ring or Pendant?

Does anyone enjoy Naturism as a Way of Living enough to buy a gold or silver pendant necklace, or a three letter signet ring with “C4N” engraved on it? The idea is to create a nudist-friendly piece of jewelry or body art which would permanently symbolize the efforts and philosophy of this tumblr. Also, a t-shirt (silly for nudists, right?) or bumper sticker for your car?

sunshineandhealth: nudegermans: CCC Clearly c…




Clearly coincidentally censored. Really, we didn’t try to hide anything, we realized that much too late, when we were back in our beautiful holiday lodge. But we guess you know that the nude Germans don’t try to hide anything very often. Only tumblr does what really makes us saddish. 

☮ Peace, love, and nudity!

Great image! Really nice depth of field. So casual and fun.

ekmsmac16: They said “Let’s get naked” #Unif…


They said “Let’s get naked”