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Legalize public nudity in America

This most basic freedom is illegal nearly everywhere in the USA

The United States of America is known throughout the world as a beacon of freedom and hope. It just seems crazy that most of the states and cities in the country have laws prohibiting nudity. The State of Arkansas even has an unconstitutional law where even so much as the promotion of nudism is banned, a clear violation of the First Amendment.

Americans need to take a stand and challenge these laws in the courts and have them overturned. Rather than allow body freedom, the states are suppressing our right to be nude, while fostering a society that is addicted to sex, pornography, and facilitates human trafficking. Enough is enough.


racusophy:This is what FKK/nudism/naturism is …


This is what FKK/nudism/naturism is all about, being comfy in your own skin, aware of the fact you need no extra covers whenever nature and our own technology allow it, and also knowing this is what we all humans are and look like, so no one should feel embarrassed by watching you being you nor embarrassed for you. Give it a try, start now, end it never!

Comfortable nakedness in a home setting, this picture is probably 30 or 40 years old, and yet the attitude captured is one we can still admire and aspire towards! This casual “approach” to nudity makes it a simple thing, and so I use the hashtag *#simplenudity* or #simplynude. Embodied is a spirit of joy, relief from labels, and freedom; because if someone labels a person “as” something for appearing in the nude, that labeling tells more about them. The use of labels, even including naturist versus nudist, is something I generally avoid – except as it is necessary ON the tumblr platform in support of the searching and ‘Recommend for you’ processes.

The home is our safest, safe place, where our easiest and greatest acceptance SHOULD occur, should be possible, and should be understood by those who love us, or with whom we share loving and respectful relationships! In other words, when we tell our families we have a desire to experience life free of clothing, instead of replying ‘Well, why would you want to do THAT?!?’ a more understanding response might be, ‘That is interesting. Tell us more about THIS idea of yours, how and when you wish to do it, and what sort of support of the idea we can give.’ <- Because this shows contemplative patience with someone exploring their world figuring out their place in it (boy/man or girl/woman, or anyone).

A few words for this image: Bold. Brash. Darin…

A few words for this image: Bold. Brash. Daring. Lovely. Happy.

What more could be asked of any experience in life? It is almost educational in a social way, or socially positive, or body positive way!

Yes, the going nude in a public place, an event, may be breaking with conventions, long-standing behaviors, but isn’t this how new standards are developed? Only by “breaking the mold” does an original thing get created next, a new habit, a different – hopefully better – experience; the sort of thing we tell children about doing, or friends, or whoever, because “We owned it”.

FAQ: About Awkwardness


another I get fairly often these days, and it’s a fair question for sure…

Question: Anna you said that your nephew helps
you on the farm. Are you and he naked when you work together? Isn’t that
awkward? How about your parents- isn’t being naked around them awkward?

Answer: Awkward? Really? A few years ago I
went to visit a friend who isn’t a naturist/nudist. The time came for her to
give her 2-year-old a bath, and after the bath, her 2 YO ran around saying “Wheeeeee!”
until my friend grabber the child and took her off to get dressed. She was
irritated because the child had not yet learned to be ashamed of her body. When
I grew up, no one taught me to be ashamed of my body, so awkward would never
enter my mind, or my nephew’s mind, or my parents’ mind because nudity is
normal in the human psyche until we teach people to think otherwise. Of course
we were taught the prevailing social conventions around other people and in
other settings, but in all honesty, it is the conventions themselves that are
foreign, and frankly sad.

we must observe them to get along with the larger community around us, and this
we do. Happily in our own space we can throw off the chains of social
convention and be ourselves without hiding behind an artificial screen of

To be honest,
I really have a hard time understanding why so many people feel awkward with
nudity within a family environment anyway, for isn’t that an environment and
context in which we are supposed to feel safe?


No picture of anything with this post, but it is the kind of great “binder” that ties everything else together! ~ It is essential to discuss basic attitudes in order to appreciate how we arrived at them and how society at large may be deprogrammed of its body fear.

&ldquo;We still have enough differences betwee…

“We still have enough differences between us that we would be challenged to accept each other even with half the population deciding to live nude. There would be even MORE challenges initially.” ~ Centauri4, Thinking on how a Pro-nudity World Would Actually Operate

naturally-free: Leave all of your clothes at h…


Leave all of your clothes at home. Drive to the campsite. Set up your tent. Camp nude Show your true identity to get that shiny spark in your eyes. Be unashamed one with nature and enjoy the freeing comfort. Be free yourself! Get hooked by ☮ Peace, love, and nudity!  Wolf

❤️  your nature, 👣👣 experience freedom! ☮

naturistnw: Living naked makes me happy Once…


Living naked makes me happy

Once you have embraced your outdoor nude muse, “doing” outdoors any other way never feels as good! It is that simple, and it’s like this great secret hidden from much of humanity! Through the conscious choice of shedding one’s clothes, we learn so much about ourselves – whether as adults “rediscovering” the joy of nudity, families hoping to grow closer, stronger bonds, or younger people refusing to buy into society’s broad-stroke confinement of textilism, we know a powerful truth emerges when WE emerge from “clothesmindedness”.

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The old days at a naturist place

Through this shared social experience, or whatever ones you most closely affiliate with, we evolve the next society, the next civilization the world will know! 2018, 1018, 018, 982 B.C.,… we really have come far rather quickly, not you and I of course, but all of humanity together. And from here at this moment I ask, “What comes next?”, how do we want to see society evolve? What can we do better? This may be a question people rarely consider, but now we should consider the tiny lessons we teach, the examples we leave, will come the foundation of everything to come next! ~ Centauri4



A GREAT Zerokini Vista!

The resolution of this image is bad, but the idea is awesome! To the photographer, keep trying! Go back and capture this image again! And again, or make it an annual trip! If this view was near my home, I would do it every year!

zerokini: The joy of discovering Zerokini. T…


The joy of discovering Zerokini.

Truly beautiful. Charming, entertaining and consistent! The world needs this tumblr!