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#nudistproblems 😉 #homenudist #nakedathome #nakedwithfriends #nudist #memes #funnymemes

Naturism as a Way of Living used many “compressed” hashtags during the first year of posting. Which are preferrable? Is one “style” easier to search than the other? (ex. “#naked with friends” versus #nakedWITHfriends?) Since this directly impacts how frequently a tumblr blog shows up in search results, maybe using BOTH styles is good also!

“To ‘bare responsibly’ means maintaining the same etiquette and manners as those who are…”

“To ‘bare responsibly’ means maintaining the same etiquette and manners as those who are clothed while unclothed.  In fact, I think we can DO even BETTER than our fully clothed peers!  Lead others by a behavior standard beyond reproach such as the world has never seen.”

Centauri4, Naturism as a Way of Living on tumblr.

The “new” practices of Social Nudity may be a gateway to an…

The “new” practices of Social Nudity may be a gateway to an expanded world, to more freedom, to a better understanding of our shared humanity, but because nudity is ALSO regarded as a “gateway to pleasure” by many, we still need to BE RESPONSIBLE with it.

Right now, nudity is largely considered the territory of “adults” and stepping into maturity means stepping into adult responsibilities with nudity as well, and this includes respecting sexuality (and sexual interactions).  If anyone wants a world with more nudity freely available in it, that desire must still be TEMPERED with restraint when it comes to openly engaging in sexual play, sexual touching and the sort of intimacy reserved for adult partners!

If the tumblr blog you have promotes something different, such as “free love” and open sexuality – not behind closed doors – but rather, “in your face” (literally) or “on the public beach” sex, please SAY SOMETHING such as “Naturism as a Way of Living” promotes casual, social nudity and I like that also.  Please.  Please do not include reposts of my content simply to attract more viewers to any blog dedicated to exploring open sexuality.

Sex is great, sure!  However, as adults WE keep the keys to the castle, the vault, the city of “Adults” and simple nudity, social nudity, family nudity in my mind, and hopefully in all my writing to date, does not encourage more sexuality.  Responsibility in all our actions, in all our naked acts is SO important, otherwise each and everyone of us may be responsible for more young people becoming adults before they are ready!

Nudity is like gunpowder, so please, please BE CAREFUL where you point that thing!  Seeing the labels “NSFW” and “For Adults Only” is important, but to anyone considering social nudity or trying out a nude beach for the first time, please know the rules of civil behavior, respect, social etiquette and maturity all still apply in those locations!  Daytime behavior at all of the nudist campgrounds, non-landed club outings and resorts I have visited is family-oriented and does not promote “open sexuality” in any way.  What happens late at night and behind members closed doors, within their homes, is exactly the same as what happens in the rest of the fully clothed world – and I hope everyone reading MY tumblr blog reads this post and understands or agrees with the point I am trying to make.

Enjoy nudity, but please do it responsibly!  Thank you!

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Socializing without clothing is no different and just as complex as when a person is wearing clothes!  I have been there and done that!  A naturally shy person will still be shy, and a naturally boisterous personality behaves the same too!  The only advantage of nudity is the “disarming effect”, or what I might call a “group-join mentality”.  Everyone attending will have the instant connection with each other due to their shared choice to do something SO obvious!  People get this feeling at sports events such as baseball games and concerts, so the feeling should feel familiar to most people already.

The difference with Nudism is that EVERYTHING is done in the unclothed environment, so the shared experience or “I believe in this” mentality never ends.  From the moment you arrive at the front gate, check-in at the Visitor’s desk, while you set-up your campsite or unload the car at your room, YOU have already joined the crowd.  Removing clothing in an environment where it has been clearly stated it is safe to do so is, in my opinion, actually easier than many people claim it is not.  Even if a person has reservations and issues about the appearance of their body, if they embrace the idea of “BEING” or existing as who they are AT THAT MOMENT and that it is unchangeable at that moment, then leaving the clothing folded in a drawer or on the backseat of a car is easy.

I would especially like to welcome NakedBluntGamer (link) to the circle of nudist and naturist Tumblog contributors on Tumblr!  After viewing a half-dozen of his pages this morning (4/19), I can see a consistency of belief and attitude with the majority of his postings to “I am Who I am”.  Many posts feature people in ordinary, everyday situations or performing ordinary chores or activities without clothes; and I feel this is the most accurate portrayal of life without clothes.

The only sort of postings not related to Social Nudism that I often see are the so-called, “spread Eagle” poses which may be regarded as somewhat unnatural in positioning.  Okay, I said it, and now here is what I mean… no offense intended to anyone Posting or re-blogging these photographs.  However, the way in which I consider these pictures to be “unnatural” is that IF a pose is not something often seen in clothed life, then it is also unlikely to be seen in unclothed life (..unclothed settings, socially nude settings).  I do not mean to indicate you will never see people sitting this way at a Nudist resort or campground, or that anyone should refrain from sitting this way IF they are comfortable doing so.  How you sit, how you conduct yourself while nude, is totally and absolutely a free choice!

However, in the world of textiles, the clothed world, these images most often convey a different meaning; a sexual meaning.  Whether the images are associated with “openness” or “sexual availability” is up to the viewer to interpret, but even a casual survey of people viewing such images are likely to give this interpretation.

Commercial images showing the highly glamorized or professionally styled images of people are also a little bit “misleading”, but I only mean that from the standpoint of the unlikeliness it is that anyone will find other nudists this “decked out” (ever).  Sure, there are formal events and holiday gatherings where nudists will accessorize with their best jewelry, or both men and women will get a fresh haircut or fancy styling, but it is almost guaranteed nobody will ever look as “good” as the models in Playboy, Maxim, Vogue or Sports Illustrated.

So, if you are choosing images to represent the Nudist lifestyle as it is practiced or as it will be encountered behind the gates, over the dunes, or in the clubhouse, the simply naked ones are the most appropriate.

Just naked.  Naked relaxing.  Naked gaming.  Naked softball.  Naked water-skiing.  Naked Frisbee, or whatever.

Naturists do not deny their erotic selves or that human sexuality remains a component of our personalities, but the emphasis is not placed on this aspect of life.  We are Who We are, and this mostly does not change when clothing gets set aside or left behind.

Enjoy!  ~ Centauri4

Reblogging content for a second look.

When I read back through the pages of time here on tumblr and find content I really enjoyed posting, I want to share it again so both Followers and first-time visitors can see some of the longer postings I made.

Different tumblog quality DEFINITELY happens on various days and may vary over multiple months. Some tumblog entries are longer and was composed on lsptop, while other items were composed or reblogged by Android smartphone.

If you read about ten posts, I think the overall theme and quality of content will testify for itself! Thank you! Enjoy!

(Drop a line if you have ANY questions, concerns, interests, ideas or simply want to say, ‘Hi’.)

Nudist Photography Commentary:I believe it is rather challenging…

Nudist Photography Commentary:

I believe it is rather challenging to take a good nudist / nudism photograph because as I have just seen in the past 5 to 10 minutes, so many pictures are extremely old (revealed in the color of the image) or lacking in a whole lot of context (i.e. ”is that a nudist setting?”).  However, please understand this is not meant to be a criticism of peoples’ efforts at trying to capture the essence of a lifestyle defined by a lack of something (e.g. clothing); that is tricky!

People can be nude anywhere!  At home after a shower, in the yard, on a nature trail, at the beach, around a swimming pool, shooting billiards, watching movies, or at a party arranged for any reason at all.  Maybe a clothing-optional Superbowl party to which you are invited!

In this photograph, we can see the person is smiling because he was expecting to be photographed at this beach.  That is so important!  Simply lacking a smile in a photograph can make the image look “forced”, overly spontaneous (i.e. ‘I wish you had warned me you were about to take a photo!’) or completely awkward and the impression the image makes is going to last for a long time – If the upbeat picture gets reblogged 10, 50 or 800 times!

I am going to repost this text with another image I rather liked, but in which the other point (awkwardness) is rather more apparent.  So this is image 2 of 2, or possibly 2 of 3.

nudism-naturism: Inspirational TEDx Talk by Michelle Wallen…


Inspirational TEDx Talk by Michelle Wallen About body image and Body Painting Day

I have yet to find a TEDx Talk without meaning or which does not give me many moments to pause and think. Of course, that is what TED Talks are all about; everything focuses on the speaker and supports the delivery of their experience or insight. This talk by Michelle Warren does not deviate from the quality or depth many of us have come to expect and it is very much worth watching! One other thing I am still learning from TEDx Talks is to appreciate my past moments, to pause and look back on my own life and consider which events I have not worked into a story yet! We all tell stories and hopefully some are good, a few great (memorable) and fewer still remarkable! Filling the world with remarkable stories should be a goal for us all!

heartlandnaturists: Some women are not comfortable going…


Some women are not comfortable going completely nude at first, but many are willing to go topless. It’s a great first step to step out of “acceptable standards of society” and helps them realize that the world won’t crumble if they let others see their breasts. Once they realize the freedom and comfort of being topless on a beach, removing the bottoms doesn’t seem so insurmountable.

The Heartland Naturists of Kansas City has been promoting fun, family-friendly nude recreation since 1982.

Heartland Naturists:  Strong choice of image, great idea!

However, I could suggest a bit of re-wording of the phrase as even more appealing:  “It’s a great first step to step out of “acceptable standards of society” and helps them realize that the world won’t crumble if they let others see their breasts.”  Something like, ‘It is a great first step to broadening society’s understanding of body equality and diminishing the tendency towards body shaming’, because “step out” sounds a bit subversive; like stepping out on a partner in an otherwise committed relationship.

Also because I think it is a form of body shaming to insist women always cover their breasts and to label anyone who does not cover up as “indecent”.

Of course there must be dozens of ways the wording of this could be varied and I am by no means a language expert, so I mean this only as a suggestion; a way to further the dialog.  Perhaps it might even be GREAT to ask any female viewers why they chose to go topless at a beach or resort, and reblog or tumbl-on the posting with their own observations added! – – – Nothing beats first-hand testimony!

For myself, the first time I went to a nudist park it was solely because I had read the FUN IN THE SUN softcover book and felt an INSTANT kinship with the people depicted in its pages!  I had been rather shy and introverted up to that point in my teenage life (late teens), and seeing people being bold and having fun while at the same time challenging all the societal conventions with which I was familiar.. OF COURSE that appealed to my “rebellious” teenage mind!

nakedexercise: nakedexercise: ok2benaked: Looks like a lot of…




Looks like a lot of fun

Naked indoor ten pin lane bowling.

Naked tenpin bowling.

An important thing to note in this set of images is the presence of clothed people at the location also. In fact, one woman is sitting directly in the middle of the frame of an image, so this was not an event where a naturist/nudist group rented the entire bowling alley! Are there some in your country that would or have allowed “mixed use” for an evening? Bowl On naked people, bowl on!

dasractivity: Hiking @ De Anza Springs Resort A gentleman…


Hiking @ De Anza Springs Resort

A gentleman (aged 67 yrs.) and his wife purchased one RV resort location in Jacumba, California, made it clothing-optional and a few years later added the town’s central motel and hot springs “resort” to their property holdings. He now finds himself ALSO owning 29 other storefronts and properties along main street. Could this town attract more clothing-optional enthusiasts and “remake” itself into a clothing-freedom oasis? – Doing so would take individual property developers, building contractors, independent financial advisers (probably working Pro Bono at first), trades-persons and crafts-persons with vision, determination AND some working capital to invest. For more details, see the story update at:…/living/travel/article11232977.html

It is quite possible the entire town needs an upgrade of its infrastructure in order to provide reliable utilities to everyone; I mean the everyone that will arrive in the next influx of desert “pioneers”.  But even with that idea, I still have questions, such as:

  1. Can water wells be drilled in this area of desert?
  2. How many viable and empty lots are PRESENTLY available?
  3. (because these could be home-lots for people to set-up Hexayurts)
  4. Is there a restaurant that could be COMPLETELY made-over in order to accommodate triple or quadruple the business of the town’s current (2010 est.) 561 residents?
  5. How safe is the town?  Is there a sheriff or magistrate?
  6. (Unincorporated San Diego County)
  7. What is the current load on electrical utilities?
  8. Does the town have natural gas service?
  9. (If so, a Bloom Box could be installed for more efficient natural gas power generation)
  10. Has a wind energy feasibility study been performed for the community?
  11. Has anyone considered Tiny Homes for the Jacumba Hot Springs community and/or building a modern apartment complex that could be rented at a reasonable (i.e. lower) or subsidized rate in order to attract, younger, enthusiastic “pioneers” to the community?

These are just a few of the questions I would ask of Mr. Landman if I could speak with him, or at least offer to him for consideration on what direction to take the community.

~ Centauri4, “Naturism as a Way of Living” on tumblr

Crazy Gathering of Naked Ladies More Nudist Images at…

Crazy Gathering of Naked Ladies

More Nudist Images at