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skolboi99: Nice to be able to choose to go nud…


Nice to be able to choose to go nude

To simply make a friend, make the statement, “Being nude with you was such an honor!” and I think you will win a vote and an invite to do it together again! Respecting the privilege of sharing a great, mutual experience can definitely raise up society! ~ Find the time, place or event (WNBR) may be a bit of a challenge, but it will be worth the effort. People are so “guarded” in 2018, trusting you when their pants are down,… or completely OFF, should be a high compliment!

Let’s make it so!

Your naturist is most likely to be like this o…

Your naturist is most likely to be like this one. That simple.

Your grandparents did it in the nude! Beachgo…

Your grandparents did it in the nude! Beachgoing, I mean!

“Nudism is simply an all-or-nothing thin…

“Nudism is simply an all-or-nothing thing, with NOTHING preferred.” ~ Centauri4

Yes, to clothing-free gardening. It is a part …

Yes, to clothing-free gardening. It is a part of clothing-free living!


A Definitive Page on Nudism & Family

A Definitive Page on Nudism & Family:

For young adults whether single, dating, engaged, married and planning a family or already having started a family, this is an excellent resource to wrap your mind around the subject of “family nudism”. Adopting an unshakable attitude and practicing discussing our ideals is a very good thing, then teaching younger “littles” to explain it will help improve their language and reasoning skills too! ~ That’s the path to the future.

centauri4-naturism: Can we nudists create the job title of…


Can we nudists create the job title of “Nudity Consultant” by which ANY environment, any setting, any home, business or organization can be coached in creating a Body Positive environment?

I believe it is possible with honest, heartfelt sincerity, for any group from two friends, two roommates, many roommates, a home with two adults and one child, or a family with many children. If the parents were not prepared to discuss all the new “Nude Rules” and demonstrate the desired behaviors, they could hire in a consultant.

In a workplace also, the main components of change would be trust and employee “buy in” answering the question, “Could we be more honest with each other, less curious, free of random (stray) thoughts, and remain completely productive?” All that remains after that is standing screens to block the public’s view of a reception area, or views to the interior hallways, and adoption of Nude Rules by those who want it and acceptance by those willing to live with (or work with) nudity.

This may initially sound like a juvenile fantasy to some readers, but I am several decades past that age. My thinking is IF we want social nudity to happen, then we must begin writing more about the ways it could be accomplished. In a serious, thoughtful manner, and in consideration of the challenges, issues and hurdles to overcome; but as adults we can accomplish anything!

If workers can be convinced of the value of being fully and completely covered in a clean room fabrication facility, then perhaps the polar opposite is true as well. A clothing free choice for those who are or can be, “Okay with nudity”.


Asking the question again, “Could we create the job title of Nudity Consultant, Body Acceptance Coach, Body Freedom Advocate” or something similar? The person whose job would be to enter a workplace and SERIOUSLY consult with management about allowing clothing freedom in an office?

Employees are tasked with understanding many aspects of business and life every day, but we generally do not seek to take on additional challenges to complicate our work environments. So the job of a Body Positivity consultant would be to discuss ANY issues regarding our human bodies people now view as “comment worthy” and discuss how this tendency could be eliminated.

The very idea of permitting open, casual, social nudity in a modern workplace may seem impossible, but this represents an opportunity for change and, some would argue, improvement. We know for a fact people can work together while nude because we ALREADY HAVE in nudist resort offices, parks, campgrounds and organizations, we have “test piloted” body acceptance and know it is basically a non-issue because we treat it as such!

So the next question becomes, what portions of workplace-acceptable nudity can be “codified” or documented in order to create a reference material ANYONE can use?

Permitting simple nudity within workplaces may or may not be as simple as: (1.) Employees will be permitted to work without clothing while on company property, (2.) Employees choosing to work clothing-free will use a seat cushion or towel WHEN SEATED as a matter of hygiene, and (3.) Employees will not comment on the DRESS or UNDRESS of co-workers accept in a manner customarily described as “courteous”, “polite” and “complimentary”. Finally, one or more persons of the employer’s Human Resources staff could be certified as a Workplace Body Positivity coach and they would hold the final word on determining whether any complaint has merit and if a non-compliant employee should be dismissed.

Truly, adopting clothing-freedom on a wider scale MAY NOT be as difficult as some people might imagine! As an innovative social practice, it would start small with gradual adoption, but has the potential to grow rapidly and become perceived as a distinct employee benefit AT SOME COMPANIES OR CORPORATIONS in the manner of diversity, whether cultural, political, religious or whatever manner people choose to describe.

Certainly the outward difference is physical appearance, but we already have Dress Code standards and this could easily be matched with a Undress Code standard as long as we imagine it is possible!

The discussion of this idea has already begun, already exists, is “a thing” and can be improved upon so easily because the initial efforts have already been made! The topic is legitimate, its related issues are “real” and an argument for the benefits of casual nudity [also] already exists! So, what have we to loose?

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Mona Kuhn

“We should elevate peace, kindness, beauty and body acceptance through naturism and other means.” said Centauri4. “It will take new efforts in education, such as teaching children to respect each other better, and that friendship achieves more than self-centered determination.”

“Too many children react to ‘things’ by saying, ‘Don’t touch me’, ‘Quit it’ and ‘Leave me alone’ even when the intentions are innocent and ordinary, and the next level of escalation is swinging fists, punching and yelling.” at least this has been my experience. “This cannot be the very best way to teach children to respond, but I see some families forced into rather small living spaces.” as I have observed.

Homes are jammed together in tight spaces, yards are smaller, green “Play spaces” farther away from family homes and this generally seems riskier and less desirable. There are fewer opportunities for everyone to relax, maybe get naked and enjoy the sunshine and outdoors.“ People “worry” about what neighbors think and DO alter their behavior toward less freedom, less acceptance and less cooperation with each other, I think.

“Scenes such as this one showing three people nude together are helpful, even when the viewer does not know if those pictured are family, friends or professional models.” This scene fairly depicts three individuals at peace with themselves and each other, as far as the viewer can tell; there is no sexual play depicted and there is no violence either. It is basically a scene with three nude people having a relaxed demeanor, calmly doing nothing at all. These people “could be” a family, or might be naturist friends, and the location may be a home or a vacation destination where clothing-optionality is permitted. We cannot tell for certain.

“It is imagery subject to interpretation, and I choose to view it using my ‘Naturist’s eye’. I always view (look for) the decency and respect in these scenes, and I hope this helps Followers and first-time viewers to do the same.“

~ Centauri4, Naturism as a Way of Living on tumblr

Naturism and digital media: We may see some of the same images…

Naturism and digital media: We may see some of the same images again and again on favored social media platforms, sometimes with comments and sometimes without, but these images are our “meaning”. I mean these images are a collective, shared meaning, kind of like a well-known story being told and told again, with the moral (point) of the story varying a little here, or maybe more over there!

Images with simply nudity, not the explicit style ones, are normalizing society’s understanding of behaviors including nudity; they are “de-escalating” its potency. Hopefully. However this is only true, only possible, when people keep sharing the images, keep telling stories with the images and restore the comments they added to these images once before! The more time devoted to making nudity simple, dialing it down a notch, and expressing an everyday love for it, the better everyone’s behavior toward it should become!

There is an educational purpose to this effort and normalization of nudity, or the reconditioning people’s awareness OF nudity, serves an important purpose. Nudity is something everyone has or can do, so it is more universal than any other quality or characteristic we share. If 50% of people are men, and 50% are women, the things we can each do such as be “good”, be “productive” or be nude, are the things we have 100% in common with each other.

Only a small number may be doctors, architects, college graduates or musicians, only a small number can be law enforcement, teachers, engineers or artists. In this world, some people will be heterosexual, some homosexual, and a smaller number self identify as bisexual, transgender or some other characteristic, and speaking knowledgeably of any of these things is an important skill. This is also true of social nudity, the practices of nudism, and the people who enjoy or love being nude whenever it is reasonably possible. We think there could be more places, should be more times, and hope people will adjust their beliefs towards “simple nudity” being acceptable! This effort is something that WILL take time, HAS been ongoing for generations (with parents and grandparents identifying as nudists) and CAN reshape more and more people’s basic reactions and fundamental behaviors toward nudity.

The “how” of accepting the whole nude body.
The “why” of accepting the whole nude body.

Nudists love being nude, not doing anything specific with it. In the same way other self identifying groups also want to be accepted as those things, along with EVERYTHING else they are in life, we seek to educate and enlighten anyone who will listen to the moderate, hopeful, peaceful things we believe and practice openly. Goodness happens in many ways when we accept it as possible.

Get this: So these ladies were doing karaoke and at some point…

Get this: So these ladies were doing karaoke and at some point decided to ALSO get naked?

Question: Does being naked help our ability to sing on key? I know it boosts self-confidence and the likelihood of laughter, but I wonder about the “freeing” of our senses and becoming more comfortable with the temporary nature of existence? Maybe even an ability to sing what we really feel…