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The world needs more relaxed, casual and candid nudity like this featuring guys – simply chilling and… happy! …. AND, parents can do a world of good by desensitizing all children on the “sensationalism” or the thrill of nudity (unexpected, exciting, tantalizing, “mysterious” nudity, and later “erotic” nudity) because it now seems desperately apparent if we don’t EDUCATE and normalize the feelings of pleasure, they will go on to make mistakes WITH it, about it, or in pursuit of pleasurable experiences. This is your parental obligation and keeping in mind we all had mistakes, awkward fumbling, groping, and ineptness in adolescence and as young adults – fortunately not at the criminal level for most of us; I hope! This is an important concept, sanctifying, normalizing or familiarizing nudity so that WE END these claims of harassment, assault and hurtful behaviors claimed to be “life altering” and so damaging. I don’t claim to fully understand inept behavior being so bad, but nothing I have ever done was forced or unwanted by a partner – this also is a very important concept.

I like this image, it has a classic and casual feel.

I like this image, it has a classic and casual feel.

Mayim Bialik’s Positive Attitude on Nudity Came From Somewhere!

Mayim Bialik’s Positive Attitude on Nudity Came From Somewhere!:

The thing is, this article does not actually explain how the popular American television actress and co-star of “The Big Bang Theory” developed this opinion, so to me this means she could tell even more!

Who or what were the biggest influences for her regarding nudity? Parents? Classmates? Neighborhood friends? Books?

Everyone develops different attitudes and beliefs regarding nudity as they mature from childhood, to teenager and finally adulthood, but the time for nudity to begin “meaning something” varies for each person. Some happily skinny-dipped, others nervously! Some teenagers were cautious and tentative with nudity as if they might “catch something” by being seen naked, while others joyfully threw off clothing at the drop of a hat (not a coin, because that would be illegal), and together we all “evolved” different levels of nude comfort.

It is a great thing when people of note use any platform to positively and intelligently speak of even mundane things. The sheer potential to reach and influence people is something of value, and it is difficult to estimate how many readers or watchers will be influenced too!

consent culture advocate reminds IG followers nudity not equal to sex


consent culture advocate reminds IG followers nudity not equal to sex

My naked body is not made for sex. It’s made for me to do whatever I want with it. If I want to play the guitar naked at a park, that’s exactly what I’ll do. Don’t make me something I’m not: a sexual object. I am a divine goddess of love and light. We all are. The divine in me honors the divine in you. It won’t hurt you a bit to do the same. For Sexual Assault Awareness Month I’ll be presenting…

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Important. Visually permissive behavior is not consent, ever. Remember, “Look but don’t touch” should be our Golden Rule, not “Silence is golden”. Silence achieves nothing!

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More like the clothed amongst the naked, I suppose!

Centauri4:  (note: this post has a little extra content in the last paragraph)

The “new” practices of Social Nudity may be a gateway to an expanded world, to more freedom, to a better understanding of our shared humanity, but because nudity is ALSO regarded as a “gateway to pleasure” by many, we still need to BE RESPONSIBLE with it.

Right now, nudity is largely considered the territory of “adults” and stepping into maturity means stepping into adult responsibilities with nudity as well, and this includes respecting sexuality (and sexual interactions).  If anyone wants a world with more nudity freely available in it, that desire must still be TEMPERED with restraint when it comes to openly engaging in sexual play, sexual touching and the sort of intimacy reserved for adult partners!

If the tumblr blog you have promotes something different, such as “free love” and open sexuality – not behind closed doors – but rather, “in your face” (literally) or “on the public beach” sex, please SAY SOMETHING such as “Naturism as a Way of Living” promotes casual, social nudity and I like that also.  Please.  Please do not include reposts of my content simply to attract more viewers to any blog dedicated to exploring open sexuality.

Sex is great, sure!  However, as adults WE keep the keys to the castle, the vault, the city of “Adults” and simple nudity, social nudity, family nudity in my mind, and hopefully in all my writing to date, does not encourage more sexuality.  Responsibility in all our actions, in all our naked acts is SO important, otherwise each and everyone of us may be responsible for more young people becoming adults before they are ready!

Nudity is like gunpowder, so please, please BE CAREFUL where you point that thing!  Seeing the labels “NSFW” and “For Adults Only” is important, but to anyone considering social nudity or trying out a nude beach for the first time, please know the rules of civil behavior, respect, social etiquette and maturity all still apply in those locations!  Daytime behavior at all of the nudist campgrounds, non-landed club outings and resorts I have visited is family-oriented and does not promote “open sexuality” in any way.  What happens late at night and behind members closed doors, within their homes, is exactly the same as what happens in the rest of the fully clothed world – and I hope everyone reading MY tumblr blog reads this post and understands or agrees with the point I am trying to make.  Any interest in being nude socially does not mean relaxing any other moral standards, compromising any religious beliefs, accepting more sexy behavior all around us, it is about being comfortable with ourselves, being confident and accepting the bodies we have been given to love, enjoy and respect.

Enjoy nudity, but please do it responsibly!  Thank you!

Photography is an important tool in documenting any lifestyle,…

Photography is an important tool in documenting any lifestyle, but it is important to ASK permission before, during or after taking someone’s picture.

It is possible, and actually quite easy, to see when someone was photographed without there permission:  If the picture was taken from some distance (that’s #1 way), if the subject was not looking at the camera (that’s #2 way), if the image shows any person in an unflattering manner (that’s #3 way), if the subject is posed in a “odd” manner, such as being asleep when the picture was taken (that’s #4 way) and there are many more non-consensual indications.  A picture I just looked at clearly showed an angle of photography where the picture was taken at a very low angle (looking at their crotch) and the person also appeared to be asleep (unaware they were being photographed).  I think it is kind of important to stop sharing and promoting photographs of this type!  What is the point?  If a person is naked and they are enjoying themselves, that is IMPORTANT to life.  Enjoyment is important to living, and enjoyment is second only to consent.

We can only hope the days of hidden camera photography are dying.  However, it is probably not true, so any beach nudist or nude event nudist should be aware their image will probably be captured in a picture AND they should personally be Okay with that fact.

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Now this may seem out of left field, but I love this picture. How many of these pictures are taken without permission? Seriously. Do any of you really think it’s just fine to take pictures of people close up without their permission? I have no way of knowing whether what I share has been taken with permission or without. I try to avoid the obvious. Ask permission First! It’s just polite.

Clothing Freedom

To understand what clothing freedom means, we would have to ask someone that has never had it!  Otherwise, situations where clothing freedom is possible, even as an experiment, must be permitted in order to actually experience what it is first-hand, for ourselves.  Nudist resorts and clothing-optional beaches do that, but there are also other situations when simple nudity may be permitted if everyone around agrees and the intention is NOT to sexually arouse, shock or surprise anyone (legally; lawful behavior).  Simply being naked should not be shocking, but we must express that desire – in writing or in our speech – for the world to understand that.  Naked selfies *should be* decriminalized in all cases, but if these are taken they should only be shared in TRUST and with the full knowledge, approval and consent of those involved (both the subject and any recipient must agree to not share them beyond a one-to-one basis).

If you have a desire to be naked in practically any situation, talk to the person you are with and explain that feeling to them.  If multiple people are present, of course the social pressure increases exponentially, but as a bold and assertive personality it may still be possible!  Just choose the words used to describe the desire carefully and refrain from any behavior anyone could consider “explicit” (adult; sexual) in nature.  Is “flashing” explicit?  Yes.  So this cannot be flashing someone for a brief instant or even a few minutes; it must be an example of “nude is normal” or “normalizing nudity” in practice.  If all around approve, then get nude and stay nude for a half-hour, hour or more!  We cannot understand the diversity of human opinion and desires on nudity without experimentation, exploration, growth and (kind, thoughtful) appreciation.

Social nudity is all about context!  Because after you have seen…

Social nudity is all about context!  Because after you have seen dozens, hundreds or thousands of people nude, what they are doing becomes more interesting than what they are not wearing!  I’m serious.

At some point in our collective evolution as a species, when we accept our basic sameness, we can then resume focusing our attention on what we are doing, not what we are wearing while doing it!

This applies to playing, working, entertaining or schooling, maybe everything!!

Another blogger here wrote a rather immature comment about getting to see “titties” and people having their “junk” all over, in your face and (hopefully) not near the schools.  Which is fine, I get their point, but what they are clearly missing is the idea of social nudists becoming the majority of the population one day.  In a body positive world where simple nudity is legal, not only would there be naked people NEAR schools, but there would be naked students IN the schools, along with naked teachers, naked staff members and possibly an occasional nudist Principal.  The idea of a world embracing nudity means nudity becomes “ordinary”, commonplace, understood and literally no big deal!

That is the next step in social evolution!  Body acceptance, an end to Body Shaming, an end to hidden weapons, hidden drugs, and in some cases hidden feelings too!  I suggest we would all know each other better, understand people better and be able to live at a higher level of freedom and joy!  There would be much less sneakiness, secretive glances, surreptitious leering and all those things because we would have openness and true Body Freedom!

Things would be DIFFERENT initially, yes, of course, but.. BUT, what this results in is MORE OPPORTUNITIES to teach something different, learn new courtesies, develop new standards and expectations, and MOVE FORWARD into a new world!

Nudity may be the oldest form of human existence, but we did grow away from it.  We did isolate ourselves from our naked humanity.  We did stop understanding these issues and BEGAN ignoring them centuries ago! … Yet our attraction to being nude never truly faded, our interest in nudity never waned, it just became this “other thing” some people pretend does not exist, OR which belongs only in art galleries or magazines for adults.  Yes, those things are true also, but that subculture developed to “contain” sexy nudity, provocative nudity and erotic nudity – and not all forms of nudity belong in those categories!  We just need to realize it, to understand the existence of “sexy nudity” versus “simple nudity” and reestablish a broad understanding of nudity as a form of FREEDOM.  Nudity equaling humanity.  Nudists as just people minus clothing.

Nakedness as a practical form of existence!

There are people who would mow their lawn while nude (already happening).
Work on cars while nude (already happening).
Garden while nude (already happening).
Running or jogging while nude (already happening).
Practice yoga while nude (already happening).
Creating art while nude (already happening).
Make music while nude (already happening).
Study while nude (already happening).
Video gaming while nude.

All of these ordinary things are happening somewhere with full awareness, knowledge and consent of the people doing them.

It is a naked reality, and I think we just need to see it in writing occasionally to foster understanding of wider, healthier possibilities.

“On Naturism as a Way of Living: I try to create content people find engaging for more than 15…”

“On Naturism as a Way of Living: I try to create content people find engaging for more than 15 seconds! I comment on images with lower note counts ESPECIALLY if I find something interesting in them. Viewers will not find images with 5,000 notes in my tumblog and I hope this keeps them following and enjoying what I do.”


Crazy Gathering of Naked Ladies More Nudist Images at…

Crazy Gathering of Naked Ladies

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