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There are so many ways we can choose to live o…

There are so many ways we can choose to live our lives, times spent at school, seeking love, making money, beginning a family, and in the end we should be asking ourselves, ‘Have I made great choices?’ and ‘Has my life been an example to others?’ If we all make the SAME choices and do the SAME things, nothing changes! ~ The only way humanity evolves is when we “find” new, happier ways of living and perfect those! It really is a simple concept, and many instances of “new” (and nude), honest, healthy ways of caring do exist all around us! ~ Have an excellent day!
Make a positive example of this life!


St. Valentine’s Day is Coming

Why not surprise someone with an unexpected note telling them you are ALWAYS happy to see them, how things they say often interest you or sometimes awaken you to idea, or simply tell them you appreciate their presence in this life! The words need not be gushy, mushy or stalkerish, oh no, only complimentary – like to a classmate that always did the homework, always asked questions that made you think, or maybe a co-work you trust that always lends a hand!


Is all our success in life measured by being prolific? Having many children and raising them, working many years doing any job, or writing many tumblr posts for people to read?? ~ All of these things make tiny impressions on people, hopefully each one is for the betterment of all.


sunshineandhealth: ☮ Peace, love, and nudity!…


☮ Peace, love, and nudity!

Accepting there is a difference is the beginning of change! Both poses are great, but the importance of comfort cannot be understated, and the nude model believes in themselves more than the bikini model, in my estimation. The bikini model either (a.) needs to cover themselves to “protect” their modesty (not actually necessary), (b.) seeks the acceptance of a crowd by adopting a similar style of dress, or (c.) is being paid to advertise the bikini this year, or the wearing of bikinis in general. The nude model is only themselves, nothing more; no accents, adornment, complimenting items or decorations. The nude model is only what you see, what they are, and is most often attempting to enjoy life plainly, even in cases where they are paid a nominal fee to reveal all.

To support Naturism, Clothing-optionality, Nud…

To support Naturism, Clothing-optionality, Nudism and Body Acceptance, each of us must select content with meaning and follow a theme (or idea). However, it depends on why tumblr is meaningful in your mind, if it is only a Social Media platform of fun and entertainment, tumbl whatever content you wish – have at it, go bonkers! Finally though, if the purpose of your presence is to discuss, educate, enlighten, guide or lead, follow a well-defined “Theme” and ultimately achieve a greater understanding of social nudity, then WELCOME! … Greetings, because the huge challenge is there are many, many people here simply enjoying the enormous variety of image, written and graphical content, for fun! Either choice is fine on tumblr, we live in a mostly free world, and the greatest among these freedoms is choosing how our time is spent, what to promote for pay, and what to promote for free! Free, uncompensated nudity, not “pay for play” nudity is why I am here.

If you find your tumblr Blocked from mine this does not mean I found it to be without merit, only that most of the postings did not mesh with my “Pro” nudity theme OR your tumblr was distracting with hyper-realism, polished sexiness, sexual disrespect or sexually tinged violence, and {frankly} anyone might have their attention pulled towards those hyper-marketed “boink fests”.

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Twitter #spaceship –

On the day of First Contact, whether it is by another or by us visiting them, many responsibilities will be absolute! Biological contamination will likely be the biggest among these and environment suit will be ABSOLUTELY required on all sides! Even if our genomes and biologies are incompatible, a journeying species is likely to bring parasites or “hitchhikers” along with it, even while practicing the most stringent decontamination regiments! The worst “gift” any intelligent journeyers could bring to each other would be death even on a limited scale, and really, what other message might be advantageous? Would it be more useful to remain in the upper atmosphere observing a distant culture, assessing their society, technology and even politics or religion REMOTELY while crafting the best possible message? How long might it take to understand completely foreign mentalities? Considering the differences between “tribes” here on Earth and our inherent disrespect for each other, not every day, not by everybody, but at higher levels of diplomacy, a period of “silence is golden” non-contact MIGHT be great!

And on that day, the two became one in a marriage of creations with no divorce ever being possible!

“The things we talk about become the thi…

“The things we talk about become the things we know, and so silence, hesitation and reservations become the greatest opposition to social development. Family and friends should never judge, dismiss or express disbelief as a first instinct. It’s much better to express our love, patience and wisdom with, ‘I see. Please tell me more’ and then listen carefully.” ~ Centauri4

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Life as it should be


Pause to reflect. There can be many more beautiful, respectful, inclusive moments in life and we can see them, we DO experience them. All around us when life’s basic rules include openness and body acceptance, rather than covering and hiding everything! The recent disaster of the Olympic gymnastics doctor comes to mind as a unfathomable reality of closeted and clothed living! I suggest if those young people knew about their bodies, better understood personal boundaries AND their parents also communicated Body Awareness values to these (hundreds of) children, the issue might have been recognized years earlier! Of course, there is no blame to be placed on the parents now because they were simply operating within the “framework” they knew and accepted; educators and school or organization administrators too! This was likely a case of situational blindness and a over reliance on preconceived notions, ideas of what an educated and credentialed “professional” doctor SHOULD be, and a “blindness” towards what he was doing. We all have doctors who have seen everything, touched everything, and with whom we discuss the most personal and intimate subjects from delayed physical development to reproduction, transgenderism, mental issues and intimate performance details. The “Do no harm” profession could be and maybe should be the one where people might even express an attraction toward Nudism, because the skin is exposed and sunlight may be damaging, but also because outdoor time means the eyes get more sun and the genitals – the most delicate, least conditioned skin tissue – will be exposed to sun, wind, surfaces, etc.

This tumblr entry is a bit long, but I hope parts of it resonate with individuals, young couples planning families, families and possibly even healthcare professionals within or outside the social Nudist environment.

#OneStoryHeard #RepeatedAThousandTimes #LifeLessons

mechaddiction: 091/999 by ksenolog on Deviant…


091/999 by ksenolog on DeviantArt #mecha –

This image has the look of a classic piece of art, the softness and slightly muted colors, along with depth and it is a full scene with foreground and almost looks as if it could be a scene from a “live action” movie. I keep waiting for someone to make a movie with this styling throughout, like “Interstellar” or even Disney’s “The Black Hole” remade with gently applied artistic styling. This is the Centauri4 perspective.

looking-to-the-future: Scifi city arts by Gar…


Scifi city arts by Gary Tonge

Architecture like this would inspire, and I understand the cost would be astronomical, sure, but.. I still think it would be cool. In fact, yesterday I was imagining a cityscape that would be “terrorist proof” and found it not that difficult. I pictured large pyramidal ‘bollards’ lining every roadway so vehicles could only enter and leave the road at controlled points. This is within the bounds of the city, of course, and the city does need a wall around its circumference as has been pictured in a few Science Fiction movies. Also, cities used to have walls around them in medieval times and there was a reason for it!