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Mediocre, 2014

This is available as a print.

Playing dress up indoors! Whose idea was this anyway? The photography Tumblr source of this photograph is DEFINITELY worth a look! ~ Guide your 11,505 fingers to it today!

Photorealistic, or real real?

Photorealistic, or real real?

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The idea of WHERE WE ARE GOING with social nudity is so vitally important! I saw another Tumblr this morning that had 75% or more images anyone could call “beautiful”, “encouraging” or body positive, but the in among the very good images were also nude beach voyeur pictures (with a little shadow at the corner) and images captured solely for erotic purposes! Some pictures are harder to classify or have both “good” (simple) or a “playful” (fun) meaning such a this image of a naked woman driving a truck! Apparently.

Do we know for certain what motivated the photographer to take this picture? No. Are we able to guess, yes, sure! But what we think and write, or our “first reaction” to the image is quite possibly the most important to all society!

Some images excite people, others infuriate, and some change the lives of the people viewing them forever! So, where are we going with naturism? What DO we want people, Followers, casual visitors (surfing in through Google maybe…) to DO or THINK when they see our Nudist-themed and Naturiste-themed Tumblrs? How do we hope, dream and pray people will be influenced!?

Positively I hope! Happily! With enthusiasm, excitement and motivation! ~ And yes, perhaps to go out and recreate the exact scene shown here (naked off-road capable lass) with fun and excitement, along with maybe a little daring! Sure! Because the things that positively excite, motivate and challenge us all do the most good in the end!

I could recreate this image by telling a relative, friend or model the pose I want, showing this picture, and they could simply honk the horn whenever they were ready for me to come to the passenger’s side and take it! Without me ever seeing anything more than is shown here today (March 2017) and THAT would be a fun challenge! The picture could be called, “Steering Me Right” or “Steering Toward a Nude Friendly Future” and that would be cool! At least I think so, and I hope everyone reading this does also!

Steer your audience!! Where do you want to go next?

I do not ordinarily reshare images with over 1,000 likes, but…

I do not ordinarily reshare images with over 1,000 likes, but this image is a rare beauty indeed! Was it created using 3D sculpting software, does it exist, who is the artist?

There needs to be more attribution information with it.

We can look at thousands of clothed people and eventually will…

We can look at thousands of clothed people and eventually will begin to see the same looks, the same styles, but this is not true with the nude!  Every single individual looks one hundred percent different from the next; no two are EVER the same!  Furthermore, if people begin decorating themselves with paint, piercings or tattoos, then our uniqueness becomes even greater!

What could it mean for society if we were to accept this ultimate level of individuality?  If we stopped looking at each other in “sameness” and no longer grouped people together by any label?  Not by neighborhood, or city, nation, or even religion, or skin color.

The tumblog of rjessie is a unique and special thing!  It captures examples of both beauty and femininity in near perfect fashion (or “un-fashion” if you like, because the majority of the subjects are nude).  This other tumblog creates an aesthetic going beyond simple nudity, naturism or body building, and it makes a statement about its author’s sense of appreciation for all these things.  To describe something as “strong and natural” to mean captures so much about humans in general – as our strength can be physical or mental, and our naturalness is best expressed when we are unadorned.

We do not need clothing very often, because we are strong and have mastered our environment.  We have no need of jewelry because each of us is as unique as a diamond, the greatest of all natural gemstones!

Somehow, someway, a time will come for us to all accept this and begin living it.  ~ Centauri4