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Nudism Happens

644 members and still growing!  Past the tenth anniversary of being online.

Reblogging because I created this thing and others have kindly supported it by participating. Totally free and unsubsidized. Members now show 492 and nudist_employment has passed the 16 year anniversary! Members contributions welcome! Job listings where the employer is KNOWN and CONFIRMED to accept nudist employees, self-employment opportunities, ‘How to Publish That First Book’ guides, anything really! … Are you a nudist Avon Lady? Please tell our members!

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Nudism Happens” – Nudist Employment

The question:

“What jobs can be performed clothing optionally?  What jobs have you performed nude?”

In a two year Poll on the Nudist_Employment group on Yahoo! Groups with a potential audience of up to 645 members, respondents rated the top five following jobs as possible of being done without clothing:

1. “Self-employed / Business owner(9%)

2. “Artist / Photographer” (7%)

3. “Cleaner / Organizer” (7%)

4. “Home aid / Housekeeper” (7%)

5. “Pool lifeguard / Beach Attendant” (7%)

A total of 223 votes were cast in the first section.

In a second part of the same Poll, respondents further classified themselves as having done the following top five jobs without clothing:

1. “** OTHER **“ (11%, possibly selected due to insufficient categories)

2. "Cleaner / Organizer” (10%)

3. “Self-employed / Business owner” (9%)

4. “Artist / Photographer” (8%)

5. “Babysitter” (6%)

A total of 76 votes were cast in the second section.

The categories of “Carpenter / Trades-person” and “Home aid / Housekeeper” also ranked equally at six percent and tied for the number 5 job done without clothing.

The ratio of approximately one-third of respondents having indicated working clothing free versus those indicating specific jobs can be done without clothing represents an unsatisfied demand in Nudist society.

This Poll was not audited and was not conducted in a scientific manner.

Reblogging because I created this thing and others have kindly supported it by participating. Totally free and unsubsidized.



Abby this morning

Definitely reblog if you know exactly where this photograph was taken.

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Vivre libre, vêtu de ciel et de soleil…

One day we may all be this age and hopefully still loving our nudity!


#Perversion may be the tricky challenge because you can’t always see it, like nudity. Since the majority of “it” happens within the mind, but if our talk & actions promote more healthy sexuality, allowing inspirations [energy, horniness] to be burned off, maybe deviance will shink of its own accord!

Centauri4, October 2018

Support Continued Awareness Efforts in Legal-t…

Support Continued Awareness Efforts in Legal-to-be-Topless New York:


In the most challenging of economic times for many, the only way some people are able to continue doing what they believe in is through “mutual support”. Naturism as a Way of Living knows this is true first hand as our resources are minimal to non-existent, however, through technology, social media and the interconnected nature of much of the world, time in between jobs CAN BE supportive!

Legal rights supporting topless equality were established in New York state many years ago, but participation is limited and attitudes are some of the slowest things to change in life! In some cases, people are known to think and say, “Well that’s nice, but its not for me.” This personal attitude is understandable when people perceive no inherent value or benefit in altering their everyday behavior “towards” or “to include” a new privilege secured for them by others! Social nudity is a privilege and a freedom, it is not a necessity for many because the prevailing customs or traditions are based on, or biased towards clothing, and so the term “clothing optional” evolved.

Yet for others, the spirited few, a minority, the idea of being treated unequally because of ONE THING such as a thing men are permitted to do, have or be, while women are not is more than a simple matter! When New York’s laws were revised it was argued the state had, “no compelling interest” in continuing the practices of treating men and women differently! A simple thing but with potentially wide-spread implications and although the law only applies to “in public” spaces, shared spaces, that constitutes an incredibly large area!

In the end, the treatment of women has almost always been unbalanced, from voting rights, to education, employment opportunities (in some areas), to retail prices and services, so any change, any leveling of behaviors IS and WILL BE something happening over generations! I mean, not a few years, but a few decades! The “mainstreaming” of any cultural shift is a terrific challenge requiring minds, bodies, hearts and souls – which means those with ANY passion must act where passive person simply go with “whatever is the norm” of the day.

Please support the passionate few. If we cannot stand next to them, adding financial support behind them is so very valuable! Mental, emotional, vocal and visual support helps also, but SOMETIMES the bits and bytes need financial backing to continue flowing!

Thanks for any consideration given to this cause and efforts!!

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Game over. Now what?

In a world overflowing with imagery, why not embrace and celebrate some of ourselves? Tumblr is an image-centric blogging platform including images of such simple beauty we must elevate and encourage them! As “adults” setting the standard for praise is our responsibility, assigning “Love” to images, expressing hope we will see more, praising the boldness of self-expression embodied in nude photography, appreciating the scenes, complimenting the lighting and to write about the technical means such as camera settings necessary to achieve beautiful images!

Each of us may only get one moment to click the little heart, turn around an image using the interlocking arrows, and add a word of praise such as “Human” or “Love” to it! My goodness, that is brilliant!

Of course, some images are worth preserving simply because of quirkiness, unique nature or rarity! The world has billions of souls, tens of billions of images, and each of these captures a unique moment in time that may NEVER happen again! Unless a group of close friends gathers and purposefully recreates the scene, person for person, piece by piece, and THAT would be a tribute to the original subjects!

Reblogging for importance.

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This is the way Naturism will ALWAYS look in my mind. Period. It is about people being ourselves, free of judgement, free of anxiety (or nearly so) and happy. Smiling. In comfortable surroundings with a greater chance of knowing who will be present, why they are present, and what is going on. Some might characterize this as being far from modern society, and they would be correct! Just as fifty thousand people at Burning Man in Nevada do, naturists have simply written out guidence for living life more openly and yes, even sexuality is considered because we still treat it with discretion and decency, and we don’t expect or encourage anyone to treat it otherwise. In this regards, its much better than simply sending people off into the world, into many bars, niteclubs, concrete halls, stadiums and what-have-you place where “things” happen in secret, or things happen because nobody wants to become involved, or things happen out of the competitive drive of survival (baser instincts) and embarrassment is only a word with power when people choose to grant it.

No choosing, simply LIVING as we are made.

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Your naturist is most likely to be like this one. That simple.

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She can’t catch a break

In a setting where clothing is optional, THIS is getting “handsy” and THAT is exactly the thing Clothing Choice advocates oppose, is rude, and in many jurisdictions constitutes “simple assault”! That is right, what you are a witness to in this simple animated .GIF is a crime happening because the young lady so kindly removes the man’s hand from her breast first, then from her crotch or groin area, and I think it is clear the physical contact was unwanted – so, yes, assault. She did not turn around and slap his face, so I consider that being VERY kind and forgiving, given the circumstances. We aren’t told where this dancing took place, when, or whether the nudity was permitted or a spontaneous act of happiness, revelry, joy, or WHATEVER, and although the moment may have been permissive, that does NOT mean the enforceable laws have changed in any way. Neither person is permitted to touch the other without explicit consent, in some manner, agreed upon beforehand or immediately prior to contact, and I don’t see the man whisper in her ear followed by her shaking her head UP and DOWN, or mouthing the word “yes, please”. Do you?

If anyone wanted the freedom to remove their clothing but still maintain a preference regarding being touched, this post should be shared with the caption intact in some form. This is not meant to be an encouragement to visit the “EMBARRASSED” website, because ending the tendency, habit or act of being embarrassed by simple nudity is A PART OF the goals of the naturist and nudist social movements – in my opinion. Only an opinion, free to be taken or left as wished.