Author: Naturism as a Way of Living

Life is a miracle, we know this to be true.

Life is a miracle, we know this to be true.

We spend much of our time and effort trying to understand it, first responsibilities (like chores) then our changing bodies and new abilities, and finally love, love-sex, love-kindness and love-wisdom.


Perhaps the most miraculous thing we learn is patience, patience and persistence, but mostly patience with each other and that in time the caring we have for each other will solve problems. Patience with ourselves, knowing that in time each tool needed to deal with each challenge will come to each of us.

If ever anyone feels frustrated or as though the are a square peg surrounded by round holes, take a moment to appreciate the hole you were meant to fill simply has not been found yet. Life is vague most of the time, and we cannot answer questions before someone asks them, but we can share any positivity coming from “the now” or the most recent steps leading up to now!

The freedom of ideas, of visions, of kindness, or better, acts of kindness, compassion and things which build life up, support each other and encourage each other to keep BELIEVING in this gift of existence.

You are a miracle, in every shape, every thought, every feeling both happy and sad, these are signs meant to guide our development and rediscover the grace of living.. of loving.. of helping each achieve a chance to experience it all. Everyday.

Do this at home, at school, at church or temple, in offices and every other building, the experiences of life are our guides.

Please consider: If G-d returned to Earth or s…

Please consider: If G-d returned to Earth or sent an emissary down in some form to mingle with humanity, check on our progress and assess the state of humanity, how would this happen? It is unlikely that “person” will look anything like Jesus, and “he” or it may not even appear in human form! An infinitely powerful being, with possibly infinite curiosity, and they would come again as a bearded prophet? Probably not. Would they reveal themselves? Would they walk among us (see above), dance with us, entertain us, doctor us, or lead us as a less-than-ideal candidate? – This is an important question and one we fail to consider on a daily basis, I think. Is G-d next offspring cleaning your office at night, playing nude volleyball across from you, or working as an advisor to the President of Afghanistan right now? Imagine.



Words can’t express our devastation, fury, and sorrow. Our hearts break thinking of the lives that will go unlived, and the families left behind.

If you’re suffering from fear or anxiety, or know someone who is, call the NAMI helpline at 1-800-950-6264 or text NAMI to 741741. Trained counselors are available 24/7 to help you process what you’re feeling, free and confidentially.

Where do we go from here?

This won’t be the last mass shooting in America. Until Congress puts aside the politics of gun control and honestly faces the human toll of their inaction, guns will continue to ravage our communities.

If you’ll be 18 by November 6, 2018, please register to vote. Help your friends register. Help your neighbors register. On election day, organize carpools to polling places. Trade shifts with people who can’t get time off, or babysit their kids. A single vote for gun control is more powerful than all the thoughts and prayers in Washington.

Tens of thousands of people will be killed by guns before we can wrest control of Congress from the gun lobby. Many hundreds will be students sheltering in classrooms. But change is possible. will help you register online or by mail. Go now. We don’t have time to wait.

See how much the gun lobby has given to your representative, or spent on their behalf.

Encouraged. If you have no other means of connecting with a personal care professional, maybe try this service. They may even allow someone to call under an assumed name or alias, as long as that person is sincere about everything else they believe or are dealing with personally.

There are so many ways we can choose to live o…

There are so many ways we can choose to live our lives, times spent at school, seeking love, making money, beginning a family, and in the end we should be asking ourselves, ‘Have I made great choices?’ and ‘Has my life been an example to others?’ If we all make the SAME choices and do the SAME things, nothing changes! ~ The only way humanity evolves is when we “find” new, happier ways of living and perfect those! It really is a simple concept, and many instances of “new” (and nude), honest, healthy ways of caring do exist all around us! ~ Have an excellent day!
Make a positive example of this life!


Modern, Pop Culture Fame

Rob Dyrdek, 6/11/15, S6, Ep29, “Dream Tears” – Mentioning this phrase because people often express being speechless when meeting a person they idolize, deeply admire or appreciate, and even acts of kindness or unexpected gifts effect people similarly, but “Dream Tears” is a very cool phrase! So much better than tears of sadness or even “Tears of joy”, which is a nice phrase but not as ultimate!


St. Valentine’s Day is Coming

Why not surprise someone with an unexpected note telling them you are ALWAYS happy to see them, how things they say often interest you or sometimes awaken you to idea, or simply tell them you appreciate their presence in this life! The words need not be gushy, mushy or stalkerish, oh no, only complimentary – like to a classmate that always did the homework, always asked questions that made you think, or maybe a co-work you trust that always lends a hand!


Is all our success in life measured by being prolific? Having many children and raising them, working many years doing any job, or writing many tumblr posts for people to read?? ~ All of these things make tiny impressions on people, hopefully each one is for the betterment of all.


sunshineandhealth: ☮ Peace, love, and nudity!…


☮ Peace, love, and nudity!

Accepting there is a difference is the beginning of change! Both poses are great, but the importance of comfort cannot be understated, and the nude model believes in themselves more than the bikini model, in my estimation. The bikini model either (a.) needs to cover themselves to “protect” their modesty (not actually necessary), (b.) seeks the acceptance of a crowd by adopting a similar style of dress, or (c.) is being paid to advertise the bikini this year, or the wearing of bikinis in general. The nude model is only themselves, nothing more; no accents, adornment, complimenting items or decorations. The nude model is only what you see, what they are, and is most often attempting to enjoy life plainly, even in cases where they are paid a nominal fee to reveal all.


Is the very definition of Freedom to be unburdened by rules and regulations, or is it allowing just enough rules to prevent Freedom from becoming total Anarchy?

To support Naturism, Clothing-optionality, Nud…

To support Naturism, Clothing-optionality, Nudism and Body Acceptance, each of us must select content with meaning and follow a theme (or idea). However, it depends on why tumblr is meaningful in your mind, if it is only a Social Media platform of fun and entertainment, tumbl whatever content you wish – have at it, go bonkers! Finally though, if the purpose of your presence is to discuss, educate, enlighten, guide or lead, follow a well-defined “Theme” and ultimately achieve a greater understanding of social nudity, then WELCOME! … Greetings, because the huge challenge is there are many, many people here simply enjoying the enormous variety of image, written and graphical content, for fun! Either choice is fine on tumblr, we live in a mostly free world, and the greatest among these freedoms is choosing how our time is spent, what to promote for pay, and what to promote for free! Free, uncompensated nudity, not “pay for play” nudity is why I am here.

If you find your tumblr Blocked from mine this does not mean I found it to be without merit, only that most of the postings did not mesh with my “Pro” nudity theme OR your tumblr was distracting with hyper-realism, polished sexiness, sexual disrespect or sexually tinged violence, and {frankly} anyone might have their attention pulled towards those hyper-marketed “boink fests”.