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Cartoon univert’s “Strongbad” on “Technology”

Cartoon univert’s “Strongbad” on “Technology” :

(Circa 2007) I was introduced to Strongbad and his cartoon friends while working a nightshift job many years ago. Ah, simpler times, but I Feel It Still.




Naturism is even more fun to do than it is to view!

Centauri4, “Naturism as a Way of Living” in tumblr.

covenudist: Auntie Kat here with some thoughts…


Auntie Kat here with some thoughts for you about the
value and importance of social nudism. I’ve talked about some of the benefits
of social nudism in the past – how helpful it can be for body image, for loving
and accepting oneself and others as we are, for creating safe space to just be
ourselves. We nudists often argue that we should have the right to be naked
when we want to be – that we should be able to have that level of body
autonomy, at least at private clubs, resorts, and nude beaches so that we can
enjoy the personal benefits of social nudism.

Today I want to talk about the social benefits of nudism.
And the social harm that is perpetrated by conflating nudity with sexuality and
by considering nudity to be sexual or “edgy” … by considering the showing of
skin to be “sexy.” There’s actually a huge level of violence (or potential
violence) in all of these things – as well as in the concept of making nudity
“obscene” and creating shame in us about the natural human body.

Imagine a world where nudity was just normal. Where you
and your neighbors walked around nude all the time, did normal life in the nude
– errands, chores, work, play. In this imaginary world, everyone would just be
living their lives, comfortable in their own skin. Nobody would be thinking
that anyone had any sexual intention – because everyone is just being natural
and living their lives. Sexual desire/intention would actually have to be
communicated somehow because nobody would be able to make assumptions just by
looking at someone. Nobody would be “asking for it” by showing skin. School
girls wouldn’t be chastised and their bodies policed with absurd dress codes
because the boys/men lose their minds when they see the skin of girls. What
would happen if the skin was just everywhere and no big deal? Not only would
the boys/men not be distracted, but the girls/women could stop being harassed!
I believe that if we stopped tying nudity to sexuality, took the sexual charge
out of nudity, we could have much more enlightened, respectful, and satisfying
relationships, both sexual and nonsexual.

Sexualizing and shaming nudity creates a predatory
culture, with people trying to get glimpses of nude bodies (the forbidden, but
natural desire to see nude bodies), and too often overstepping boundaries and
mistakenly believing that nudity or semi-nudity is an invitation to help
themselves to someone’s sexuality. It’s not. This obsession with skin and
nudity creates an immature view of the human body and of sexuality – keeping it
in the titillating category of “naughty” – rather than allowing a healthy,
mature balance that allows bodily autonomy and respectful sexual relationships.
The naughtiness factor and the sort of leering hyper-sexualization of nudity
and the human body is dehumanizing and creates a world where people are related
to as things rather than as complex human beings worthy of love and respect.

So, back to the world where nudity is commonplace and
normal. A nude person is just a nude person. Not a sexual object. Not an
invitation. Not a titillation. A human being. How about that? Human beings in
bodies of different sizes, shapes, colors, ages, etc. Human beings living their
lives and worthy of love, dignity, respect, kindness, honor. Human beings who
don’t ever deserve to be dehumanized, sexualized without their consent,
catcalled, abused, molested, or raped just because they have a body. We all
have bodies. There is an absurdity, really, in acting like our nudity is so
special or forbidden. We’re slightly different variations, but mostly just the
same – what do we think we’re hiding? And why? And to what effect?

The condemnation of nudity is really a dismissal of our
basic humanity. And the result of that is a misogynistic, abusive,
exploitative, sex trafficking, raping, violent world. How about we normalize
nudity and make a much bigger deal about consent, respect, and bodily autonomy?

(Summer 2018) This social evolution involving nudity may be what is happening by way of the World Naked Bike Rides in communities of significant size all around THE ENTIRE WORLD! Why do I write this, because someone has already written the details of ‘How’ and ‘Why’ it could or should happen, but the truth of making change happen requires more, it requires people willing to adopt the ideas they believe and do them!

People ARE doing these things. People are stripping nude and asserting the ownership of our bodies, the thing none of us need “save up” to achieve, mortgage for 30 years to achieve, or “beg for” to be given! No. Ownership of our nudity, simple nudity, and the feelings of joy, freedom and excitement achievable with it, we ALREADY OWN THOSE THINGS! Simple nudity is the one thing anyone can enjoy, we already “own” and which we carry around with us everywhere, cannot loose, and may freely enjoy if we continue to choose it – peacefully.

Our brains decide how to live and our bodies follow this decision everyday! For better or worse, in health and sickness, through thin and thick, the people decide the shape and substance of society using our words, testimony, videos and actions; not only legislation achieved the long way around (quite literally, over centuries!).

fkk-naturel:𝘧𝘦𝘦𝘭 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘧𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘥𝘰𝘮 𝘰…


𝘧𝘦𝘦𝘭 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘧𝘳𝘦𝘦𝘥𝘰𝘮 𝘰𝘯 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 𝘴𝘬𝘪𝘯 ☀️🌊🌳

What might the context of this photograph been? A dolphin trainer who dreamed of training the smart mammal while nude? A trainer who wanted the dolphin to see them without a wetsuit in order to establish a greater bond or sense of familiarity? Or, was it an apprentice dolphin show assistant who simply fantasized about performing the dolphin show in front of an audience sans costume? There could be dozens of different scenarios leading up to this moment, even a simple modeling session for a photographer by someone with access to the aquarium and knowledge of times nobody would object or interfere; yes, there are many situations that could include nudity IF someone felt this experience was an act of communing with the dolphin fully. Was it that simple, that pure? Is the only reason for the existence of this photograph the fact the someone wanted to experience a “pure”, unencumbered moment of joy and also capture it for posterity? Did they intend to share it with the world initially, or was that an idea that came later? ~ Is your life lived inside a “box” only you know, a small, private box, or do you share every moment of inner joy with as many people as possible?



Classically great beauty at an amazing locatio…

Classically great beauty at an amazing location! I have been to the Grand Canyon, both south and north rims, and the experience of it “jerks reality out from under your brain” by way of its sheer grandeur! I can only imagine the Great Pyramid in Egypt even comes close and that sight remains on my Bucket List.

A really, REALLY long article on women being i…

A really, REALLY long article on women being in Nudism:

If you have ever felt pushback or reservations from a female family member or spouse regarding “social” nudity, perhaps this article will give insights into ‘Why’ they think negatively about it; even when they could not find the “right” words to explain. Nudity can be a complex thing for some people, and especially if they have a lifetime of conditioning on beauty “standards” and being a proper “lady”. Is it possible once the shy and demure etiquette has been pounded into your brain for so long that imagining anything else is virtually impossible?

Check out the article and message me with your thoughts; does this article “ring true” in your experience? Is there simply no motivation imaginable that would convince you to go nudist with us?

Texas Naked Lady Vlogger

Texas Naked Lady Vlogger:

Watch this video twice and appreciate the enthusiasm the speaker has FOR nudity! They must because on camera, I don’t sense a reservation or hesitancy as they speak.


The Other Side of the [Naked] Coin?

Okay, real quick because its late. Is it possible there are some people so unhappy with their physical body that EVEN IF it was totally legal and customary to be nude anywhere, they still would not do it?

I was moved to think this question after watching some television programs with my wife and seeing people out and about who I was incapable of imagining being “happy” nude. Please, hear me out on this, the reasoning is IF there are “secret” Home Nudists walking among us everyday, then there must correspondingly be a “Clothesists” segment of the population who really, really love clothing. This is the other side of the coin in my title today.

Even a person devoted to clothing and achieving their best look everyday must occasionally think about skinny-dipping, even if they imagined doing all by themselves in some isolated, far-away spot.

What kind of literature would help people be more happy with whatever body the universe has given them?