priscillastuff: Trying Nudism – Some people…


Trying NudismSome people are reluctant to try nudism
because they “don’t look good enough” to be seen naked. They certainly don’t
understand what nudism is about.Nudism is all about
accepting yourself and others for who they are, not for what they look like.
While most of us strive to be healthier, and many strive to drop a few pounds,
nudists don’t hide out of shame. Nudists understand that the “ideal body” that
the media portrays is a fantasy. No one can look like that, and no one should
look like that. Each person is perfect how they are, and every nudist accepts
each other as they are.

If you’re reluctant to try
nudism because you don’t think you “look good enough”, then you really should
challenge yourself to accept yourself as you are and understand that nudists
will accept you exactly how you look. We think you should stop listening to
what society says you should be and love who you are today! 

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We are all the product of an artistic process, the art of making love! We create and are the creators, and we must learn to respect each human as a sacred work of art, everyday, at every age!

We were created and given the ability to create! G-d knew what was happening, knew the challenge being placed before us, and DARED us to find a way to appreciate, respect and love each other!

Naturism and nudism are ways to affirm ourselves!