Nude Art Tours Pt. 2


 this one was smaller and was more like a tour where the artist (also nude) took as though and explained the works to us and talked about stripping away barriers between the viewer and the art like social status etc. it was a lot more personal with people asking questions and giving their opinions. we were told beforehand and I think this was a really good message for all nudists “no inappropriate touching, same rules apply here as if you were clothed”. afterwards we also got to stay nude at the bar which was amazing. I talked with one lady a 40 year old lawyer and it was her first nude event and I told her my whole story about how I got into nudism and about my Biblical beliefs and everything and she was so amazed she was like “thats the best story, I just wanna hug you shame we cant hug” and I said dont worry dude go ahead and she was like “wow hugs are so much warmer nude” haha. and then i was talking to these two girls, best freinds who came on a dare. first year uni students doing art. and they ended up so relaxed they almost forgot to get dressed before they left LOL. and lastly there was this other guy who was struggling cause his Muslim roommate had been saying that what he was doing being nude around other men was forbidden and he was so happy to hear my story about religion and culture and how nudity fits… the other thing that really surprised me was while going around the gallery, we were all nude and so was the artist, but there was staff and volunteers around watching the art and explaining stuff, they were just like uni students and security or something mostly girls but they were fully clothed when we went in but the artist said they were told they could strip if they wanted, then like 5 minutes in they all just stripped off and were saying it felt more normal since everyone else was nude. so these random students who were just at work randomly strip full nude and are just chilling, it was surreal. It was really fun actually meeting people in a smaller setting and really watching them come out of their shell. I will defiantly be doing more in the future!

Yes, “Part 2” is incredibly good also! ~ Centauri4

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