What we believe should always govern how we act.What we wear…

What we believe should always govern how we act.
What we wear should always demonstrate who we are.
How we treat each other should ALWAYS align with these two principle.

Respecting our own bodies means respecting other people’s bodies. Committing not to be abused, threatened or harmed by others, means committing not to do those things ourselves! Teaching children to respect ALL people and ALL civil, socially agreeable behaviors, means guiding them not to “freak out” when someone wears few or no clothing.

Clothing is not the person, we are underneath it.
Clothing is not “armor” and beneath it we are soft and vulnerable!
To regard a person as tough because of their choice in clothing, is similar to regarding a person safe inside an automobile! Both may be “shields”, but neither changes the “us” inside!

Reversing generations of “people packaging” is a noble goal. Bringing a new level of respect to our basic human form is very important, it may reduce violence, lessen hatred, and end warfare between neighboring peoples.

We all need that!

#EquallyNude #NakedEquality

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