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Its all about attitude when nude.

All too true. 

Nudity suits us all. 

Living Life Nude … ☀

I have been told that “formal” to a female nudist is when she will/would wear earrings, a necklace, and/or other jewelry to a nudist activity or event.”  No matter if she is fully clothed or nude, a woman loves to accessorize.  So I have to tastefully disagree with the caption for the above picture.

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The idea of nudity being “true”, or kind, or appropriate to many situations is out of the bag! This open naked philosophy is gaining ground, growing awareness and attracting participants! From family living to camp-out, to hiking, environmental protests, civil disobedience bike rides (kind of a protest, of sorts) and “Free the (whatever)” campaigns, simple nudity is getting another look! People are fed-up with hypersexuality in media and over-reactions to our own most basic behavior. The revolution is underway and the further healthy behavior information spreads, the better off we will all be!

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